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girl behind the Magicalmessyhair...Jennifer!


This week is another  curly beauty from the hood. She's a mommy, wife, singer, photographer and so much more... A woman who wears many hats. Seriously- she makes me feel like I really have no excuse for saying "I  don't have time"
So without further ado.. meet Jennifer!

Please introduce yourself?
 Jennifer Williams

How long are you natural?
+- 7 years

What or who inspired  you to embrace your  God given crown?  

I've always loved to change up my hair so I would have my hair relaxed but sport a afro weave as a PS in winter. I really hated getting burnt by relaxers and one day I said enough Is enough. Me and a friend of mine who is a hairdresser as well Shenal Canham, decided we are going to do this thing. So I kept my hair in a p's and when the regrowth grew I cut it.    

There was no turning back after that. That was about 10 years ago. I suffered a lot initially because I never took much care for it cos I didn't know how. I used the same shampoo and conditioner I always did which was head and shoulders. My hair was always dry and broke a lot.

Describe your hair in one sentence?
My hair is poetic and all Me, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes cheeky, sometimes bad...but I love it nonetheless lol


And here's Jennifer''s regimen...
Wash every second week. Loc every second or third day. I'm LoPo so I use grapeseed almond peppermint and rosemary as my oils and any good moisturising  curl cream  eg aunty Jackies curl la la.

Jen is all for keeping it simple..
Well my daily hair regime I keep it very simple.  I use light oils like grapeseed, sweet almond, some peppermint and rosemary which I mix together as part of my oils for LOCing my hair during the week. I LOC every 2-3 days. My go to night time style is two strand flat twists. When I wash I cowash every second week and recently have been using gentle magic soap to clear build up when I do wash. I deep condition using the banana purity DC every second week and 1nce a month a protein treatment where I use the Palmers sachet. 

Her favourite products she can't do without..
 My leave in conditioner,  acv cos my hair itches and I don't only use as a rinse but to spray now and gain for the itch (I have scalp issues lol), my grapeseed oil.  I love the ecostyler gel but I've run out...its the best for finger coils 

Some of her hair  practices...
 Yes...I almost always wear a sati scarf and I have a satin pillowcase...I've learnt from past experiences that it helps a lot to minimise breakage which prohibits growth.  I also make sure I don't focus so much on seeking down my edges. I almost always DC because my hair sucks moisture. I don't use any heat on my hair (haven't for two years),, I never comb my hair dry. I don't tie up my hair u necessarily.  

Considering returning to natural? Here's her advice...
It's the best choice yo make, not only cos it's now  the "in thing" to be sporting a fro, but it's great to be proud of your God given crown. And when u start with something like your hair it even boosts your confidence and ability to stand above what society thinks things should be to be accepted.  You also end up learning a lot about healthier choices and wanting healthier hair. You don't have to fit in...why not stand out?! who you are. 

Her favourite way she wears her  hair?
 Most of the time I leave my hair in a fro. If it's an occasion I make use a scarf or clip up one side (side mohawk (my go to style)

Do you have a side hustle/ projects that you'd like to share?
 Besides my love for photography,  mainly because I love capturing things in their natural form, I know it sometimes brings in a tiny percentage of the bacon bit I mostly love the artistic part of it.  

Thanks Jen for sharing your  journey with us- P.S. if are interested in being featured as a girl behind the Magicalmessyhair just shoot me an email or use the contact form to get in touch with me. 

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Until next time Stay Magical...

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