Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Hair crisis

Hello again! I'm quite sure that you will agree with me that change is inevitable. Change is sometimes hard to embrace but, what do you do when you bored with your hair?
Maybe you want to freshen up your look? Its okay to have fun with your hair, its also a way to express who you are to the world.
Here are a few ideas for you if you want a bit of change-

Get yourself a gloss treatment if your hair color is starting to look stale or even a deep conditioner. These will add some shine and give your hair a good lift.
Change the shape of your fro. Simple adjustments can make a huge difference.
If you usually do your hair at a salon then forget it this time, and go ahead and spoil yourself. Get a facial or do your nails and don't forget your toes too. Maybe a good massage is just what you really need. We are constantly changing, growing and learning. Trust me, your hair won't mind if you skip a hairdo so you can get treated in a different way.

So are you in an emotional hair crisis? You definitely not alone.

Until next time,
Stay natural  Stay Magical

Xoxo Marlene Louw

Thursday, 21 July 2016

A new updo

I have recently become bored with my hair. I have gotten tired of my twists and I just didn't want to be leaving my hair out every day.
I'm a simple natural and kinda lazy sometimes. My go to style is a puff and afro. I don't like hiding my hair so this year I didn't do not one protective style. That's correct- not even one.
Back in the day I could rock  a different style every day, I was creative with hairstyling. I reminisce on that whenever I stand in front of my mirror deciding on what to do with my hair.
Two weeks back I attempted to do a tuck and roll on freshly washed hair and I liked it.
This was a proud moment for me. I then did another updo style but this time I stretched my hair first. I was inspired by a few pics on Instagram, yoh! there are many beautiful natural hair styles out there! So yes after washing,deep conditioning and sealing I stretched my hair with a blowdryer on medium heat. Thereafter I did loose twists here and there.
 I just joined them with bobby pins and added my one and only hair grip, to give a more classical look. I need to invest in more hair accessories now that my hair is longer. I had no idea on how the style should be or what it should look like.
So there you have it, curlies this is so liberating! I feel like I'm stepping out and into another level or phase. 
Any style tips is much appreciated.

Until next time...

Stay natural Stay Magical

Xo Xo - Marlene

Sunday, 17 July 2016


Hey curlies,

 I'm sure most of you already know about co-washing, if you don't know then its simply ditching the shampoo and washing your hair with conditioner only.

 Early in my hair journey I incorporated co-washing and my hair loved it. Conditioners are formulated with cleansing agents.
 I used the Tressemme range. My twa (teeny weeny afro) was thriving.
 I used it to detangle, co-wash and I put it in my spray bottle mix.

Co-washing softens the hair and helps keep it moisurised. If you colour your hair then co-washing will help your colour last longer.
When I co-wash I notice that my hair is easy to comb  resulting in less breakage.
It's advisable to use a silicone free conditioner.

Co-washing is one of the hair practices that I have benefited from. Decide for yourself if it  is for you because everyone's head of hair is different.

What conditioner do you use for co-washing?
Has it benefited you?

Until next time Magicals

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Henna gloss

Henna gloss is easy to apply and easy to rinse off, no fuss and no mess. I always preferred it over a full Henna application.
I do a Henna gloss once month. It's used for adding colour and adds a lovely "gloss" Totally can't do without this stuff.

A Henna gloss conditions and moisturises the hair at the same time. 
Here's what is needed for a Henna gloss-
Henna-  I use the Vatika brand.
Green tea- it helps to release the dye.
Oils- use what you prefer. I used coconut oil and avocado oil.
Conditioner- this helps to give the "gloss". Helps to soften the hair as well.
Use a container for mixing and gloves because Henna stains.
Make a strong cup of tea, use 2 or 3 teabags. Allow it cool and mix in a packet of Henna. Stir. Add the conditioner and two tablespoons each of the oils. Mix until smooth. 
Apply on clean damp hair. Make sure your hair is coated well. I always section my hair into four parts for easier application. Leave on for plus minus 2 to 4 hours or longer. It all depends on how much colour you want.  Then you rinse. And you rinse. And you rinse some more. Rinse until the water runs clear. Thereafter use conditioner. I wouldn't recommend using shampoo because it will strip your hair. Use more conditioner if you have to. I always deep condition afterwards. I never leave this step out.
Now you can rinse and style.
Voila! Your hair is now thicker,shinier and stronger. Adding a Henna gloss to your regime takes your hair results a few notches higher.

Do you use Henna? Try it you won't be sorry.

Stay beautiful Stay Magical
Xo Xo - Marlene Louw

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

African Black Soap update

Hey curlies-
I put up a post on my page on black soap. Im  very excited to give a review on this great soap. I give full details on how I melted the soap and the different oils I mixed in.
Besides the ingredients that caught my attention, this soap has no artificial colours and no preservatives. So here it is

 I applied the black liquid soap to dry hair that I parted into four. Immediately I felt the difference. It lathers quite quickly and  then I started to detangle. I know I was also surprised. This soap left my hair like butter.  There was no need for me to use conditioner! My all time staple, my bestie, my main...
Honestly I couldn't stop touching my hair. Did I mention the pleasant smell (bonus).
So I skipped the conditioner and jumped straight to doing a deep treatment and for this I used Ultimate Blends by Garnier. I noticed my curls were enhanced a bit more, they were popping! 

So I finally got me some African Black soap that most naturals are raving about. Totally chuffed that I found a product that is not expensive and that I can use for my face, body,hair and more. Oh I almost forgot to mention I went out with my fro in its shrunken state because of how soft and moisturized it was.

Yay- I found my "Holy Grail,"
Do you use Black soap? How is your experience?
Until next time curlies, remember you beautiful and you worth it...

Be Natural Be Magical

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