Monday, 25 September 2017

I love Apple cidar vinegar...Here's why!

Howzit everyone!

I read an article on how acv cures acne and is great as a cleaning agent when mixed with baking soda. Hmm and that's  not even half of it...there are many benefits to apple cidar vinegar.

I use apple cidar vinegar for salads and for my tin fish curries.
I use to use acv as a detox drink every day   with lemon, cinnamon and honey in it - helped flatten my tummy. I'm  not sure why I stopped.
Acv Detox Drink
4 tablespoons Honey
1teaspoon Cinnamon powder
Fresh lemon or lemon juice
I boil the water and allow it to cool. Then I just add everything in a jug and mix. Two or more pieces of fresh lemon or  two

squirts of the juice. If I have fresh mint I add a few in. Cucumber is great too. I also add acv to grapefruit juice it's soo delicious-

I use apple cidar vinegar as a hair rinse and in my clay masks, as well  as a toner. After I co-wash I usually do an apple cider vinegar rinse. I also  add a few drops of essential oil to it. Acv restores the hair's ph balance and removes product buildup.

A few months ago I discovered that I can use it as a skin toner. So I switched
 from this...                
              to this.....

         ...Because I fell in love with the results immediately...
It stinks I warn you but for clearer skin it's worth it-
Acv  is antifungal and is antiseptic, I wish I  had known about this in my teens. My skin is way smoother and brighter. Did I mention that my pores are getting smaller? 

Try it and stick with it-
In a spray bottle I use 2 tablespoons of vinegar diluted with a quarter cup of water. Modify the ratio if you like. I mist my face with it to remove makeup or I use a cotton pad. I do the same for my hair, I  just spray, spray, spray and style or add a hair cream then style. No need to refrigerate.

Remember to drink water and use SPF during the day.

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So if you haven't tried acv yet then  I seriously  think you should.

Until next time
Stay Magical-

Monday, 11 September 2017

DIY flaxseed gel...

Hello all!

I've never been one for gels cos most gels I've tried  left my hair 'kliphard' and dry. Besides that I could never get wash n go's right anyways.

It took me like forever to try the Flaxseed gel and gal I'm converted!
Flaxseeds are great for our hair and skin. They contain omega 3 and what I like more is that they are affordable.

This gel is light, non greasy, not sticky Aaand...wait for it- doesn't leave no white chunks in your hair!

I applied the gel on dry hair section by section. This way every strand is coated. My curls popped instantly. My hair was super soft with a nice sheen to it. Instant wash n go - whoopa!

It can be used for twists, plaits, puffs

 or to sleek your hair in a ponytail or just as a styler depends on you.

Always store in the refrigerator. Use an air tight container. Play around with this recipe the options are endless.
The longer you boil it and the more seeds you use, will make your gel thicker.

Take a look at the video I did on how I made my flaxseed gel. Hope you find it helpful and hit the subscription button okay!

Much love...Stay Magical

Friday, 1 September 2017

Pre-poo for what?

I'm back!

I found it hard to see the sense of pre-pooing my hair cos it is gonna get washed away right? 
Eventually when I did give it a try I was hooked!
My hair use to be very dry and course at the centre of my head. That hair on the centre of my head was always short because it was always dry. Since I  started pre-pooing that patch is grown and is soft aaand...moisturised.  It makes a world of a difference trust me...

So pre-poo for what?

              You can use whatever oils you already have.

We apply pre-poo before we shampoo our hair.
 Pre-pooing retains moisture and makes detangling a breeze.
You will definitely notice less breakage, doing this step gets your hair prepared for the manipulation of the washing process.

Use whatever you fancy. I've used oils only, then I started mixing in the conditioners that I've  bought and don't like- with an essential oil.      
The options are endless...

I co-wash one week and wash the next week. When I co-wash I don't pre-poo. I apply the night before my morning wash. 

Check out this video I did on how easy it is to pre-poo.

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