Thursday, 21 December 2017

A letter to my absent father

Dear Dad
Today I took you to  the hospital.

 As I wheeled you in a wheelchair I looked into your eyes, I felt no connection. Why should there be?
 Like a distant memory... my despair is deep. You and me are but  perfect strangers.
This is not a bitter expression in anyway but about feelings I thought I never had.

Sympathy is what I'm really feeling.
As we silently  sit next to each other- a loud void cuts the fabric of the unspoken.

Gone before I was born and that's how it's been all my life. I didn't feel like a part of me was missing at all.

 Growing up I became aware of how insignificant I felt. I wrestled with  identity issues, battled  insecurities- and messed up relationships. Don’t get me wrong, I'm not blaming all this on your absence I'm just being real.

A lesson I've learnt in all of this - is that  our mistakes don't necessarily define who we truly are.

My heart is not broken, neither is there any disappointments. Truth is I never missed you or needed you. You never crossed my mind.

So why am I here with you after all these years? Where do I get the courage  from?

 We all mess up and we suck at life. This is my story with every struggle and shortcoming and a long time ago I  chose to grow from it.

 I don't want to live with regrets like you have...

Because your absence dad has taught me that it's not the end of my story...

Love your daughter,

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

I use soap bars as shampoo...Here's my favourites-


Using soap bars as shampoo may not be  appealing for everyone but for me it's a save, plus I have soooo much fun trying them out.
I've been using soap bars for over a year and I'm always on the look out for more  better ones...

 I started  with African black soap and from there on I was hooked! I mean the ingredients are great and most naturals swear by it...

 I love this soap because it cleanses my hair without stripping it. It lathers really good and I like that it has anti-fungal properties as well. Check out my post on how to make shampoo with it.

Gentle Magic soap 


 Now this one, Maxine Arnold introduced to us. Check out her hair journey here. Mwah much love to you gal!
  I could actually detangle my hair with this soap. It's gentle and cleanses my hair and scalp well. My hair is left feeling light- yes light, fluffy and soft. 

It contains sulphur which aids in hair growth and that's a bonus. 
This one is a keeper!

Mvelo soap              
I stumbled upon this one when I was looking for something to combat acne for one of my son's. This soap cleaned my hair just the same as African black soap.
 The ingredient are  similar to that of Dudu Osun. 
 Glycerine, tea tree oil and eucalyptus are some ingredients that caught my attention. When my hair feels oily or grubby I use this one. This soap really left my scalp nice and clean and I love the menthol smell too.

All of these bars can be used for face and hair- who doesn't care for multi-purpose?

Honostly you can't go wrong with soap bars. I make sure I massage my scalp and let it sit for a while before rinsing.
 Okay I'm impressed by these soap bars and they are now part of my hair regimen. 

Do you  use soap bars for your hair?
Please comment below with your favourite one.
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Until next time
Keep the Magic

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