Wednesday, 31 January 2018

January mini haul...

Hey everyone!

I'm sharing some stuff I bought about two weeks ago with you today. I'm excited cos this is my first product haul blog post, yay!

Okay let's see, first up is the
Ponds facial Foam+Scrub.

My skin has been kind of crazy lately. I've noticed lots of oil build up. This foam wash is  perfect it  instantly lifts the dirt off of my face.
 It just takes one wash cos it has a very foamy lather. I love it.

Two is the Garnier Pure lemon Light.    
My skin acts well with Garnier products. I'm already using the night cream so I thought why not get this one as well. I like that it has UVB filters and   specifically targets dark spots. I've used it a few times already and so far so good.

Three is the La Belle Beauty Masks-

 I couldn't resist cos I got these at our local fleamarket for a bargain. I used one yesterday and I'm hooked. The fabric is thinner and the fit is just right. It felt calming and so soothing you have to try some sheet masks if you haven't. All three of them is for nourishing, moisturising and firming the skin. My skin was noticeably lighter. It's a win!

The fourth is Coconut oil.
I purchased this tub at Checkers. I use coconut oil for cooking, baking and for my hair... I poured some in one of my empty hair containers to use for my hair. 

 Let me be honest and say that I regret not getting the virgin coconut oil. I absolutely love the smell of coconut oil. My hair loves this stuff and I've noticed that my hair products that work really well for me all contain coconut oil😍

Aaand lastly is the AfroBotanics 5in1 leave-in spray for kiddies. 
It is a moisturiser, detangler, leave-in, braid spray and a softner- shew😆 I'm so happy I tried the kiddies range.  I did the happy dance in my head the first time I used this stuff.
I'm definitely gonna get more from the AfroBotanics  kiddies.

So that's all I have for you today.

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What's your mini haul? Have you tried out any new stuff lately?

Stay Magical

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

You need to give Sheet Masks a try!

 You guys already know by my previous posts,  how I've been taken by the whole "masking" trend.

 I'm turning 40 next month, can you believe it!  
The older I'm getting I'm realising how important it is to take better care of my skin

So last week I went to Dischem to check out what they have on sale, as usual and came across some facial masks. I was so overwhelmed by the variety and by the prices too. 

After about 20 minutes I decided on the Collagen Anti-aging one by Skin Strategy. 

 Let's face it (pun intended)😆 who doesn't want to look ten years younger!

This is a sheet mask for face and neck. It has two sections, the mask and a serum. It claims to boost collagen production.
Promote cell renewal.
Helps fight signs of aging.
Enriched with active anti-aging complex.

I've learnt some golden ingredients to look for in skin products, thanks to following some beauty gurus on the "Gram"

Take a look at Collagen for instance-

Collagen is what gives our skin elasticity. It's essential for maintaining a youthful and healthy skin but as time ticks by the less and less Collagen is produced- *sucks hey*

I use masks several times a week because I love how refreshed and brighter it leaves my skin. It kind of puts me in chill mode.

This was the first time using a sheet mask and although the fit was a bit big, I loved the feeling of my skin afterwards.

 A sheet mask is a piece of fabric shaped like your face with holes for your eyes, ears and mouth. It's soaked in serum and  you use it once.

Directions states to keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes but I kept it on longer. My skin felt  so much softer, hydrated and supple. 
The serum is light and dries quickly. 

As you can see I saved the best for last- how affordable is this masks...I just had to share this product with you because this right here is a bargain!

Have tried a sheet mask? What's your favourite brand? 
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Stay Magical

Monday, 15 January 2018

2 Afro puffs Ft AfroBotanics Moisturiser

I love these bolletjies! They super cute and funky- don't you think😆

I do this style on old hair, especially if I wanna prolong wash day.
All I do is section my hair and spritz with water then apply a moisturiser.

 My AfroBotanics Moisturiser  is one of my favourites. The thing about supporting Black owned hair line products is that they were specifically made for us...

This conditioning  moisturiser is lightweight and not greasy at all. I always spritz my hair with water first before applying any moisturiser or oil.
Coconut oil and aloe vera are some of the ingredients listed  in this product. It   moisturisers  and softens my hair making it manageable. They have a range for the kiddos as well.

Check out the video on how I  do 2 puffs using the AfroBotanics Moisturiser.


What's your take on the afro puffs? Would you rock it? 

Stay Magical 

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Palmer's conditioning shampoo and conditioner..

If you haven't tried out Palmer's products then you really missing out. 
I used this range a while back and guess what? I'm
only left with the shampoo😅 I'm actually holding on to the little that's left cos it's gentle on my hair - plus I use it to clean my make up brushes.

The shampoo is really good for deep cleaning without that stripped feeling. 

Key ingredients: 
Coconut oil 
Vitamin E - These ingredients are great for repairing and strengthening the hair. The whole Palmer's range are sulphate and paraben free. 

The consistency is creamy and it lathers very well. A little bit can make a bubble bath lol...Sstru...
The container is a whopping 400ml-  so now ya'll  understand why I still have a little left. Ooh and I love the coconut smell!
 Ideal for dry,damaged hair and gentle enough to be used on colour treated and relaxed hair.


Contains Vitamin E and coconut oil. It's thick and I mainly used it to co-wash.
  My hair is naturally dry and thirsty so it  got finished way too soon but if you have thick, coarse hair in need of some moisture then you’ll love this conditioner. 
It left my hair nice and soft plus manageable😀 It's good for detangling as well. 

Palmer's can be purchased at all Clicks stores.

*Side note* I buy all of my products. I have type 4 hair and results may vary. 

Have you tried the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula range?
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Stay Magical 



Thursday, 4 January 2018

Do you "mask"...

Hola curlies!

I love that refreshing feeling after I exfoliate or mask but finding a really good one is difficult, as there are so many options. "Masking" is essential for keeping the skin plump and well-hydrated.

Diy- ing is still my thing  but there's times where I'm strapped for time or just feel plain down lazy. I have a few different options that I keep in rotation and I do the same for my hair as well.

I'm terrible at keeping to a skincare routine so I appreciate  a product that does more than it should! You can imagine my excitement when I purchased the Garnier Pure Active 3in1. 

 I love that I can use it as a cleanser, scrub and a mask!

It simply-      
Mattifies and helps absorb excess sebum. Bye - bye oily skin😆 and dark spots.

The white clay ingredient is what gives you that matte look.
Did you know that clay draws oil from pores as well as toxins plus smooths wrinkles Aaand tightens lines?

It has a fresh, cool almost cucumbery- like a minty smell (if that makes any sense😅)
It's almost four months now and my tube is almost done, a little truly  goes a long way.

As a mask I apply it on dry.
I rub it in circular strokes. Leave on for 3 to 4 minutes and rinse.
Or usually I use as an exfoliant where I wet my face first then  gently scrub and rinse off. My skin is left feeling softer and brighter after every use. It's also a good base for days that I use makeup.

  Be sure to follow up with a good hydrating moisturiser. You can use every high end anti-aging products in the world but your skin will still look crappy if it's dehydrated.

 FYI dry skin shows the wrinkles!

As you can see the Garnier range treats my skin well- apart from it  being affordable too.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post.  All the products that I post about I bought- I love sharing on everything what works for me and all that stuff...#thelifeofablogger.

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Keep the Magic

Monday, 1 January 2018

Thank you 2017...

Hieey to everyone!

So 2017 has been a struggle but at the same time it's been rewarding too. I'll admit I had quite a year...
For starters I hit a dark place when depression took over my mind and a very close friendship ended with someone I  really cared for ... all this and much more added to the strain of my marriage.

Everyone's journey is different and learning from our struggles is what makes us stronger. Seeing how far I've come amazes me.
 So here's some lessons I've learnt this year.

- Make time for family. I want to be with people who want to be with me and that's my family. (Sounds harsh I know) Sometimes we get caught up by other people's situations, trying to ease their burdens, solve their problems- when they bombard us with theirs. We can forget that  our families need us that same way too.

-It's okay to say no. I use to be such a people pleaser but often felt worn out but learning the skill of picking my priorities helped me spend more time with the people who I cherish in my life. Trust me it's not easy but it's so worth it especially if you in ministry.

-Love yourself regardless. I got my aha moment when  my favourite pair of jeans couldn't even go up my thighs... I felt less than myself but soon realised it doesn't matter. This is me whether I'm thin, thick or curvy. Size doesn't add or take away my worth.

-Not everyone will like you. Try not to worry about it because their thoughts and opinions of you don't matter. Do you let it flow. Repeat. Keep moving forward while they stay stagnant!

-Humility is everything. We not the centre of it all. Great things happen to everyone.

-Perfect lives don't exist.  Life is messy. We all have quirks and flaws.  No matter how well put together we  look on Insta or Facebook, everyone is going through stuff.  I'm comforted in knowing that I'm not perfect But I'm  perfected by GOD..

-Lay it all at Jesus's  feet. I forget sometimes that whatever I'm facing I'm not alone. When I tend to worry, when fear strikes or I find myself doubting again He knows. His in it with me in my trials - working... though He don't turn up the way I want Him to I know His there cos I've seen His hand upon me especially in my weary days.

Share your lessons  in the comments section and let's learn from one another.

Until next time
Stay Magical


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