Friday, 26 May 2017



So my hair is currently in a protective style. It's such a long time since I put my hair away- honestly I know I'm gonna miss my fro.

I kinda had fun with these styles...

I twisted my hair on wash day. I unraveled the next day and styled. No combing or brushing. All I did was roll n tuck.

Cute and chic!

 I used a dreadlock extenon to make this bun. I didn't lay my edges because I wanted to achieve a blended look.  Aaand course you can never go wrong with a bit of accessories.

I used the same hair extensions for the protective style I currently have. Play around to switch things up and add a bit of accessories for some pop to your styles.

 Have you been creative with your hair lately?

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

new blog name...

Hi everyone!

Recently I've been toying with thé idea of à new blog name.
Just thé other day I was thinking about how far I've come. I'm growing and I want my blog to reflect that side of me. Since I started blogging  I've become aware of myself on a much deeper level. I certainly have blossomed in all areas of my life. Blogging is becoming part of my lifelong learning process and because of this I decided to changé thé name of my blog.

Magicalmessymerls will now be Magicalmessyme - nothing drastic still keeping it simple. When I started out I gavé no thought when choosing à name. Adding my name to it just seemed right. By doing so it became me, mine...
But its not about me- its about you! You matter, you are important.

 Seriously- I have you in mind everytime I buy products, when I try out new concoctions it's for you.  From selfies to #ootd...All I blog for is to share my opinions and experiences with you.
So thank you all for your continious support and no worries all my média channels will be updated - you don't have to do a thing!

What's your thoughts on thé name changé?

Keep thé Magic Stay Natural

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mother's day is hard...

Hey there!

It's now five years and the pain still punches me in the guts. The randomness with which it strikes...
I miss my mom especially on Mother's day.

Mothers day is painful. Some of us don't have mothers to send cards to anymore. Some of us have strained family relationships. This could be à day of tension with your own kids-  And others have lost children- :( There are many who want nothing more than to be mothers, but are not able to.

Today we celebrate "honorary" mothers too- women who work with children in church and as a career. Even honoring those women who are foster mothers, adoptive mothers or who are struggling with infertility...

Thé Bible tells us to weep with them that weep, but it also tells us to rejoice with them who rejoice.

So count your blessings and know that we as women are walking in purpose and victory. No matter thé  circumstances we are overcomers!

Happy Mother's day!

Friday, 12 May 2017

quick random tip...

Hello everyone!

My hair loves coconut oil and castor oil. When I purchased hair products before -  I use to look for it in the ingredients list. Now I don't bother because I make sure that I always have these oils...always.

All I do is just add a few drops to my conditioners especially the ones that don't have crazy slip.I do the same with Aloe Vera.

I do this because I've noticed that in most hair care products, the good ingredients are not listed towards the top. This for me means that they probably don't contain enough to be effective.
 This has curbed my impulse buying and saved me on some moola too!
Hope you found this tip helpful.

Keep the Magic and Stay Natural...

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

just two hairstyles...

Hi everyone!

Here are two styles I did  during the week.

Wash n go's are now one of my staple styles. They are  low maintenance and also kinda quick. I usually baggy at night bare-  meaning I don't apply no products. Because I don't use products, my hair is never wet in the AM. It's just soft and moisturised.

. puffs
Two puffs-  they are sooo cute! I do these when my wng is starting to look dull. All I used are two hair bands. You can't go wrong with this one, it's a keeper!

 So that's it- take it easy Aaand-
Keep the Magic - Stay Natural!

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