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Blooming n Booming...Buuya Beauty...

Hello everyone!

This week I have the pleasure of featuring the founder of  Buuya Beauty - Meet the beautiful Queen Kasuba Naomi  Stuurman. Stuurman launched her products last week on her birthday! (Talk about abundant blessings and new beginnings...) In this interview she shares how she built her business, her mistakes and gives some serious advice for new entrepreneurs - Enjoy!

Tell us a little about yourself?
I am a determined, hardworking, proudly Zambian woman married to the most Amazing man!

What inspired you to create your own natural hair line?
So many things; but I would have to say that one of the biggest driving forces is my desire to see women of colour embracing themselves and accepting themselves for who they are. Also, I really wanted to pay tribute to the rich natural resources that we have in Southern Africa.

What is a typical day like for you?
Well, because I’m working for myself now, I have the luxury of a 9am start. This means I don’t experience the stress of traffic and I don’t have to wake up at ungodly hours. I’m really enjoying that but it doesn’t mean I’m slacking. At 9am, the rubber hits the road and I begin processing orders, contacting suppliers, making necessary payments, manufacturing part of my range, and forming business relationships, to mention a few. My day is normally supposed to end at 6pm but I find I enjoy myself so much that I work quite late on some days. I suppose it helps that my husband and I work in the same building.

How did you overcome challenges in your own natural hair journey?
This is something that I have only recently learned to do. Ever since I had to cut my hair, I have battled with the fact that my image doesn’t correspond with one of a successful hair brand. It wasn’t until, a few months ago, I came to the realisation that this is who I am and I don’t need anyone to validate my existence except my creator and myself! I am enough.

How do you motivate yourself and stay motivated?
I surround myself with positivity. I seek the company of those who mean well for me. I listen to their advice and I also embrace their criticism because that’s what helps me grow. I keep my circle small, I pray, and I go out and slay!

What inspired you to select the ingredients for your products?   
As I mentioned, I really wanted to show the wealth of ingredients that we have in the Southern African Region. Mongongo Oil, Mafura Butter, Cape Costal Honeybush, and Kigelia Africana make a bomb combination! They are high in antioxidants, they have great emollient properties, and they are extremely nutrient rich with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.
They are indigenous to Zambia (of course), Botswana, Nambia, South Africa, and parts of Mozambique. 

As a side note, my choice of fragrance, apricot, wasn’t one I would have chosen on my own. My awesome developer snuck it into one of my sample formulations and it was love at first sniff! Later on, I recalled how I used to walk to my friend’s house during the school holidays, climb her apricot tree, and we would eat the poor apricots until we got ill. I’m now glad he used his creative licence because it is such a clean, sweet fragrance.

Which is your favourite product from your line and how do you use it?
This is like asking a mother which of her children is her favourite! Honestly! If you put a gun to my head and I really had to choose, I would say they Hair and Body Butter because, as the name suggests, I use it on my ENTIRE body.            

My skin loves it, my hair is softer and more protected because of it, and it smells absolutely divine (apricot).

What's the number one mistake you see naturals make?
I wouldn’t really call them mistakes. I am of the opinion that we are all on different part of the same journey. We all have a lot to learn about the various nuances surrounding our hair. If you ask me what one of my top pet peeves is—it’s natural (afro) weaves. I just can’t. Not sorry.

What are two threats to your business success and how are you handling them? 
Natural Weaves hahah!
But on a serious note, one would be me losing focus of my purpose—to empower women of colour to embrace themselves for who they are.
Another would be getting too comfortable and slacking—my dad always says there is no substitute for hard work.

Describe one of your biggest failures and what lessons did you learn?
One of my biggest lessons is my previous business, Rockin Naturals. I learned to work hard for what I wanted, I learned that opportunity won’t just fall into my lap, I learned that if I want something done, I need to drive the right people to do it for me because I can’t do everything myself, I learned to maintain a healthy scepticism, and never to make emotional business decisions.

What advice would you give someone who may be considering starting their own natural hair product line?
I would say, come and ask me anything you need to know. Too many people are too scared to share about their suppliers, business registration process, incubator programs, etc; if you ask, you will find genuine people who are willing to help and empower you.. Honestly the biggest thing is, if you don’t have a passion for hair, and you don’t want to work hard, don’t do it.

How can we learn more about your products and get our hands on them? 

You can learn more about them and buy them
Follow our social media pages:
Facebook – Buuya Beauty
Instagram – @buuyabeauty
Twitter – @buuya_beauty

                         Launch of Buuya Beauty
with some of the lovely hair ambassador Queens...                                

"I surround myself with positivity. I seek the company of those who mean well for me."

"I am a determined, hardworking, proudly Zambian woman married to the most Amazing man!"

Lastly... Are you hiring?
Great question :D very soon, I hope!

So  tell a friend to tell a friend that they should seriously tell a friend to get their hands on these Buuya products! cos #localisnice...
Spécial thanks to you Stuurman and I wish you all the best!

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Monday, 26 June 2017

Dark and Lovely afro moisturising butter part 2

Hey there!

I was never à fan of hair butters - for me à good leave- in and oil was my go to. Since my hair is getting longer and thicker I started experimenting with butters, puddings, custards- yoh!... Im starting to get hungry now...

The consistency of this butter is light. Honestly- I don't like the smell so I added some Citronella oil in it.
Well, because I was disappointed in the conditioner I must say- this product kinda surprised me.        

 It does provide some moisture and it leaves my fro nice and fluffy. Because I have thick hair this butter was not too heavy for me. Try not to be heavy handed with this one cos it can leave hair looking kinda dull.
The pic below is 3rd day hair.

               Leaves m'y fro nice and fluffy

It doesn't have à very strong hold- but I  will say that its great to revive old hair. I mostly use this butter to bring back some softness and shine.      

Overall - this product is ok. I was hoping this product would do so much more for my hair than what it did. It makes my hair soft but nothing that really amazes me...
I want to draw your attention to the definite chemicals in this product - that shouldn't be in natural hair! These relaxer companies want our money so bad, it's actually funny...

Please remember that this review was based on the expérience on MY hair.

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Thursday, 22 June 2017


Hi everyone!

How about wé start the weekend off with à some hairspiration- especially for those considering locs... Meet Amy- Rea! She has a beautiful spirit. You'll know what I mean when you read her story below.

I'm Amy-Rae Rispel. I'm a 28-year-old mom of one born and bred in the Mother City.

I’m a big supporter for the natural hair movement and a proud feminist.

Day to day I work behind the scenes as a producer for the breakfast show at CapeTalk but in my spare time, I'm the author of Amy, Authentically ( and amateur cook.

How long are you natural? 

5 years in October this year.  

What or who inspired you to embrace your God given crown?

I'd say it was series of preordained events that amalgamated into a paradigm-shifting moment of realization. The birth of my daughter, a bad relaxer experience, becoming a feminist, reading up on the politics of black hair and finally asking myself: “Why do you wear your hair like this? Who are who? What's your purpose? What truth so you want to reflect to the world?”

Having no clear answer for these questions left me uncomfortable, frustrated and angry. And that’s when I knew a major hair change was coming. Soon after I did the big chop (number two) on October 12 2012.

Have you ever had a setback with your hair?

Yes, absolutely! I didn't intend to get locs. I always loved it and was open to trying it but this wasn't this initial plan.
After a very short-lived transition I went for the big chop and boy did my hair grow! Having a fro was a hairstyle that I didn’t keep for a long time. I think eight maybe nine months. The problem I had with the fro was that I struggled with the maintenance of my hair. It took forever to detangle, knotted so easily, shrunk to 70 % of its actual length and when it air-dried, it felt so arid.Back then, the puff that I loved just could never be great all the time. Each week it had to be: a good hair day, very bad one and some so-so ones in between.              

I enjoyed doing twist-outs and Bantu knots but it honestly for me was just too much PT. It would take me all day just to do a two-strand twist. Time is a luxury a young working mom doesn’t have. It just wasn’t maintainable. And it was growing at a crazy fast rate and I couldn’t keep up. And that’s when I started considering locs. 


What advice would you give to someone considering dread locs?

You need patience. Length in dreadlocks don’t always show (It can take years before you have locs cascading down your back) so don’t give up when it seems like everyone’s hair is flourishing but yours. Nothing worth fighting for ever came easy.

Accept that the journey is trial and error and you will make mistakes. Once you’ve decided that you definitely want locs, try faux locs first – if you still feel like this is for you – find out which method you want to start your locs (mine is the crotchet hook method) and stick to it.

Lastly educate yourself by reading as much as you can on dreads and the history behind it. Know the meaning.

Favourite part- Amy's hair regimen...

It’s so simple because I don’t think our hair should be over-manipulated or over styled. That’s why protective styling is often so good to our hair – because our kinks & curls just wants to “be". 

I shampoo & condition about once and week. After several good rinses I seal my damp hair with oil – olive oil, coconut, jojoba or My Natural Hair’s strengthening oil. I then either air-dry or stand under our hood dryer at home and that’s it. I don’t use gel as it causes build up. Every second months I do an AVC rinse or deep condition treatment and every 4/5 months I go for a root refresh on my locs. I’ve dyed my dreads once and it didn’t take.  

What are some of your favourite products that you can't live without?

Oil – especially coconut/olive oil. Its seals the moisture, gives my hair shine and makes it feel stronger. I’m not strict on the shampoo or conditioner as over time my hair appears to “get used to” the brand and then I have to change things up. Brands I can personally vouch for are: My Natural hair and Dr Palmers “Coconut oil” formula.

I love what she shared on one of her hair practices- 

Speak life into your hair. Stroke your locks and say, oh what gorgeous hair I have, oh what a blessing and joy, oh how strong and healthy this hair is. Don't underestimate the power of positive affirmations (same can be said for negativity. Don't wallow in "this kroeskop" is impossible. Oh what a mission to tackle this bush. It's serves no purpose, don't go there!)

I also believe in deep conditioning your hair using the baggy method and combing hair in smaller parts. Cowashing really makes more manageable and in my experience ACV rinses are the best clarifiers. 

And in réponse to how she likes wearing her hair...

It depends on my mood. It's a combo of loose, loc updo and side pony. I also like rocking two big-ass loc buns. Most importantly, I love hair accessories! I like to use necklaces as hair jewelry, flower clips in a quick crown and of course rock pretty scarves in a turban. I never thought I’d say this, but like to use my hair as a form of self-expression.

Do you have a side hustle/ projects that you'd like to share?

No side hustle yet but I've been super motivated by the drive of 'Beauty by Shan' founder Shannen Buys ( and business acumen of 'Curl Chemistry' creator Liezl Katzen ( These two are slaying at such a young age!

Project wise, I do actually have an idea for a short video commentary on black hair. Myself and fellow natural Monique Mortlock believe that there are certain aspects of black hair politics that hasn't been fully delved into (yet) but that's a work in progress.... So we’ll see. 

For now, I'm happy to finally have my blog.

 Thanks for stopping  by and please go check out Amy's blog its awesome!

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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Knot-out Dark and Lovely conditioner.... Part 1


I'm surprised by the number of products popping up that are geared towards naturalistas!

I haven't used Dark and Lovely products since relaxer days.
 Before I start, please remember that this review is based on the experience on MY hair. Dark and Lovely did not send products to me for review. I buy all my own products.


For those of you who are on the CG method these products promise the following:
 No alcohol
                 No parabens.           
              No mineral oil      
             No  petrolatum    
               For all hair types   
Thé conditioner:                                                 
       Nice thick consistency.  I seriously don't like the fragrance - #tooartificial...  Thé back of label states that it easily detangles and offers thé slip you désire to make  combing à breeze. Um ... This did absolutely nothing for and to my hair.    The name Knot-out is what caught my attention- I thought the slip would of been super slippery.
     It provided no slip at all and detangling was a mess. Good thing I believe in second chances, I  tried it  as a co-wash and it worked a little.

Just to mention - these products are not 100% natural.
Nope-  this product is not for me.  My hair is highly textured and thick-  Besides the slip - I look for conditioners that moisturise and soften my strands.  It seems they are still using the same ingrédients. There's not much of à difference between these products and their products for relaxed hair.

Have you tried this line? 
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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Gone bananas...Purity DIY bomb combo...

Hi ya'll!

I noticed the happiness of my hair ever since I started DIY-ing my own deep conditioners.
I love mixing up concoctions in my kitchen just for the love of my hair and I've become quite the mixtress....

 Thanks to Maxine Arnold- much love to this natural hair queen- find out all about her journey and regimen here. She introduced us to the banana Purity. I hate putting food on my hair but Purity was just the perfect solution! I named it 'my bomb combo' cos thats exactly what it is. It's filled with moisturizing goodness!

I did some research and here's what I found:
Bananas are rich in vitamins, potassium and calcium.
Great for hair growth
Helps with hair fall
Has healing properties
Gives shine and moisturises and the list goes on....

It's everything for dry, course and brittle hair. My hair feels stronger and is shinier everytime- it's all kinds of awesomeness...
Now I'm always switching things up depending on the needs of my hair, so play around with this recipe according to what you like. I've used shea butter and another time I used molasses.

 I always keep my recipes simple cos I want to feel the full effects of every ingredient-

Okay I use a whole bottle of banana Purity.
Black Jamaican Castor oil but ordinary castor oil is just fine.
 Coconut oil
 Essential oil,
You know what? I just eyeball everything - yep...
Depending on my mood I sometimes add some conditioner to the mix. I warm everything in microwave for a minute then I add the essential oil last. Mix and apply to freshly washed hair. I make sure to rub it into my scalp and along the length of my hair. I leave the mask on for about an hour. Because I have low porosity hair using heat is essential when I deep condition.

I absolutely love the way my hair feels everytime I rinse the mask out. Stronger, silky and MOISTURISED!
I sometimes wanna skip the LOCing part but...

Play around with the measurements -  Add what you know your hair needs- if coconut doesn't agree with you then try another oil that your hair loves. Use whatever essential oil you have and always add it last after warming the mixture.
Check out this video where I show you how I mix my banana purity treatment. You will see the different products that I've used. Here I'm using AfroBotanics deep conditioner. 

Have fun and be creative it's your journey after all...

Share your DIY deep conditioner and let me know how it goes- if you try this 'bomb combo'

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