Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Fill up their Love tanks...

Hi there girlfriends!

   I had carried some negative emotional garbage from childhood. Long story short my childhood was filled with struggles but the truth is we forget the power we have as mothers. Here is the question - what can we do as parents to help encourage and support our children?

One thing I promised to myself is that I never wanted my boy growing up feeling a void, feeling like he does not belong like the way I did. It's amazing how much things that happened in your childhood can impact your life years later.

So I compiled a list that I think we can all strive to do as parents.
I can’t think of a more important gift to give to a child than the ability to think positively.
Here are some things I say 
I love you 
You are sooo funny you always make me laugh!
I am so proud of you
You are smart 
You know what? God took His time creating you...
You are God's messenger
I love to hear your stories
You can be anything that you want to be just believe
Its ok to make mistakes
Wow when did you learn to do that?
I'm sorry please forgive me
I am always here for you
You can do it I know you can
Jesus loves you and he made you special
You are my gift, my miracle...

Saying at least one of these everyday to your children will boost their self- esteem.  Share the hope and love of Jesus through you - So go ahead and fill the love tanks of you children!
What is one encouring thing that you would add to the list?

Sunday, 19 February 2017

How I do my twists...

Hello again!

 I love twists because they are easy to do and they work for me. Twists look great on everyone and  they are low manipulation.

I start with clean hair always. I thoroughly apply a leave in conditioner. I always twist on damp to almost dry hair. I tried twists on wet hair, I tried the really small twists  until I found what really works for me.

I section my hair into two parts. I then  apply a moisturising cream-  I am currently using African Pride Olive Miracle.  I have never  tried twisting with gel. If you do use gel for twisting  avoid the ones with alcohol in them.  I twist my hair in medium size twists.

 Remember to seal  the ends of your twists and twirl them around your finger. This step is important because it reduces the frizz on the ends of your twists. If your hair starts to dry spray with water. Air dry fully. I leave my twists in for more than three days for a super defined twistout.

Did I mention that twists are super cute too!
How do you rock your twists? Follow me on Instagram for more hairspiration and to see some of the products that I use.

Until next time curlies
Stay Natural  Stay Magical

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Girl behind the magicalmessy hair....guest blogger

Hello there curlfriends!

I have been kinda overwhelmed these past few months. My studies, school and with my hubby away I can truthfully say that my life is crazy that is why my blogging took the backseat for a while (sowwi!). But I am so excited to feature my guest blogger today!  Instagram  is a natural girls playground. If you not on Instagram by now then you need to be! So many beautiful naturalistas and so much hairspiration...Nuff said I would like to introduce to you a curlfriend that I met on Instagram - she's the beautiful Queen behind Oh_Fro -  Chisomo Grace Nthulane. 

Natural Alternatives to Cleanse Your Hair

When it comes to wash day, lets admit it, finding products that wash your hair efficiently without stripping it of moisture is not as easy as it is for others. Despite natural hair being natural, its important to understand that more often than not, natural does not necessarily mean using completely natural or organic products  dont get thrown off by the term which simply refers to the state of your hair as it grows out of your scalp. Of course, its important to steer clear of the baddies and truth is, most naturals get by on shampoos and conditioners that dont contain them. However, if co-washing or shampooing is simply not your cup of tea, a practice you cant or wont introduce into your regimen for a variety of reasons or even if you just want to go sans shampoo, here are some natural alternatives that dont strip the hair of moisture you can use to cleanse your hair.

You cant get any more natural than this. No, really. Add the fact that you dont have to pay a dime for it and its a plus. Water-only washing comprises of washing your hair with, you guessed it, just good ol water  no additional cleansing products! For some naturals, this might sound like a complete no-no, yet for others it has proven to aid with hair growth as well as softer, healthier kinks, coils and curls. If you decide to use this method, make sure to clarify your hair first with shampoo or cleanser of your choice to get rid of product build-up before you begin.

If youve never heard of using clay to cleanse your hair, chances are youre probably wondering what the whole point of doing so is and whether using clays doesnt defeat the whole purpose of cleansing the hair. But heres the thing, clays  specifically bentonite clay, kaolin clay and rhassoul clay  are great at removing toxins and build-up, softening and moisturising the hair. If your hair is dry these are for you, from Mother Earth with love. Mixed with water, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice and oils of your choice (optional), this stuff is what dreams are made of!

Apple cider vinegar
Because of its acidity, apple cider vinegar is perfect for cleansing the hair and scalp. The pH level of apple cider vinegar is similar to that of your hair and therefore it helps restore the hair and scalps pH balance, it is effective in removing build-up and dandruff as well. Using it as a hair rinse, add 75ml of apple cider vinegar to a litre of water, pour into an empty spritz bottle and spray the mixture into your hair, focusing especially on the scalp and then the hair. The mixture can be left in the hair for several minutes before rinsing it out.

African black soap
African black soap is one product that has received rave reviews over and over again. This soap, made from cocoa and plantain ash, is sulphate-free and assists with softness and the overall manageability of the hair. Using raw African black soap, you can make your own shampoo by grating the soap bar in a bowl and pouring boiling hot water into the bowl to dissolve the soap. Once the mixture has cooled to room temperature it is good and ready to be poured into an applicator bottle for you to use.

Well curlies I hope you found this post helpful and do not forget to go show her some love over here.
Follow her on Instagram too- her page is full of awesomeness!

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