Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Meet Racquel...

We met on Instagram- I really like her calmness in front of the camera...when will I get there🤔 Anyways I finally get to feature this beauty that owns literally all the hair products that I can only dream of...
Meet Racquel

1) Please share with us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Racquel Barth and I am a natural hair and skin care enthusiast. My blog
focuses on natural hair and I occasionally dabble in skin care.
I have spent the last eight years living and working in different countries across Asia
and The Middle East. Moving outside of South Africa, and my comfort zone, helped me
to accept who I am and most importantly accept my hair texture. Hair is so important,
and not having a salon to go to, pushed me to learn more about my hair. And that’s how
my hair journey started. I have been natural for five years, and it has been an amazing
journey. It wasn’t easy, but so worth it.

2) What inspired you to embrace your natural-ness?
I had been relaxing my hair for years, and one day it occurred to me that I used to have curly hair. And it made me think, what happened to my curls? Why doesn’t it curl anymore? And that is how my journey started. My damaged hair inspired me to embrace my natural-ness.

3) Did you transition or did you do the Big Chop? 
I transitioned for 7 months and then I big chopped. 

4) What is your regimen like? 
Step 1: Cleanse (Shampoo)
Step 2: Deep Condition for an hour.
Step 3: Apple Cider Vinegar and Rose Water Rinse.
Step 4: Apply Leave -in Conditioner and Detangle.
Step 5: Gel
Step 6: Natural Oil

5) Name your favourite products that you cannot do without? 
As I Am Curl Defining Jelly
Aphogee Curlific Curl Definer
Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Shampoo
OGX Weightless Healing Oil Spray

I have different hair textures and curl types. At the back of my hair my curls are tight and coily (type 4). The middle of my hair has a looser type 3 curl, so I have a mixture of type 3 and 4. My hair has a mind of its own, as most curly hair does, it loves moisture and being free ( in a wash and go). 

7) Share your hair hacks or tips that have worked for you or any hair techniques you'd like us to know about.
Tip 1: Daily scalp massages will help your hair to grow.
Tip 2: Finger detangling works best for my hair, it also prevents breakage leading to longer hair.
Tip 3: A satin pillow care (Mr.Price Home) - it keeps your hair moisturized and hydrated.

8) How long are you blogging for? Tell us about your blog?
I started my blog four years ago and then I stopped blogging. I decided to revive my blog a few months ago. So, THECURLFACTORY.BLOG is only a few months old. On THECURLFACTORY.BLOG, you will find product reviews, and natural hair care and
skin care tips to help you along your journey. If you are thinking about embracing your
natural hair, transitioning to natural hair, or if you are already natural then
THECURLFACTORY,BLOG is for you. I love trying new products, and on
THECURLFACTORY.BLOG you will see products that are not yet available in South
Africa, so naturals are introduced to new products, and get familiar with them before
they hit the hair care shelves in South Africa.
I started THECURLFACTORY.BLOG, to share my knowledge and help women with
their natural hair. The THECURLFACTORY.BLOG is a safe place for women to ask
questions, and most importantly it is a place of knowledge and information. I have
acquired a lot of knowledge along my journey, and THECURLFACTORY.BLOG is the
place where I can share it all with you.

9) What inspired you to blog? 
I had a desire to share what I had learned along the way. And people asking me, “How do you get your hair like that?”

10) Tell us about your hustle/ projects that you working on?
At this point in time, my focus is The Curl Factory. I am working on growing my Youtube, Instagram and Facebook platforms. Producing great content and helping people who are on their natural hair journey.

Here are my social media handles:
My social media handles are:
Facebook:@The Curl Factory
YouTube: @The Curl Factory

So much curls there! Head on over and connect with my girl, her blog is amazing.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Meet MagicalmessyFredelene...

Hieey everyone this week I'm starting off with another curlfriend. I met her when she joined my Facebook group. She makes some amazing wigs!
She definitely dropped a whole lot of knowledge so be sure to read all the way to the end. Meet Fredelene...

1 Please introduce yourself?
1. Fredelene Coert

2 How long have you been natural?
2. I transitioned. My last relaxer was in June 2017. I had my big chop in March 2018

3 What or who inspired you to return to natural?
3. Nobody in particular. My hair felt and looked tired after about 2 decades of relaxer. 
This is my story:
"So Mom started relaxing my hair from the age of 9. I remember that I was going to be part of my aunt's wedding at the time and my hair was just not "looking" the part. So relaxer it was, but she did not know about the maintenance that came with it. Her baby sister would be washing, blow drying and cutting my hair and eventually I started maintaining my own hair during my teenage years with the help of a friend or two. 

By the time I could eventually afford Salon prices on a monthly basis, my hair had already seen the worst, from heat damage to breakage and grey hair were just multiplying because of all the hair colour that I used. 

I joined the gym few years ago and just felt like I am wasting my time by washing and blow drying my hair once or twice a week only to cover it in sweat the next day and having to repeat the same process. This also damaged my hair alot. I then decided that I am not blow frying my hair anymore and just to wash and air dry it. This also ended up in a disaster because my hair would just end up being hard and tangled up, which caused breakage. 

Last year July, I braided my hair because I just needed a break from my hair during Winter. When I took out the braids, I was not sure of what to do next and continued with another protective style from there. I then decided that I am not relaxing my hair and that I want to transition back to my original natural hair.

 My mom told me that I am crazy when I told her about me transitioning and my little sister told me that I am always experimenting. I told them that I will learn how to manage it and that it is high time that I embrace the hair that grows from my scalp, after all if my hair was suppose to be straight, I would have been born with it. I started searching for pages and groups on facebook and joined. I have been learning from these groups and was successful in my transition. I had my big chop in March 2018.  I am excited about my new journey and I am still learning. #Embracingmykroes"

4 Have you ever had a setback with your hair? 
4.No, not yet.

5 What advice would you give to someone considering returning to natural?
5. Research, Research and more research. It requires commitment, so you have to be mentally prepared and ready, especially if you have type 4 hair.

6 What do you love about your current 
6. My natural hair is all new to me. I like the texture and what my hair can do, it surprises me all the time. Whenever I wash my hair and style it in a different way, I look forward to the outcome. I have learnt that it is all about technique, the more attention you pay to the detail, the better the outcome of the style that you are trying to achieve.

7 Describe your hair in one sentence?
7. My crown, embracing my kroes. 

8 What are your favourite products that 
you can't live  without?
8. Cantu leave in conditioner and coconut oil has been my go to products since I started the journey and I still use them.

9)What is your regimen like?
9. Wash days for me is once, every 2 weeks now that its winter. Week 1, I wear a wig with twists or plaits underneath and on week 2, I  undo my twists/plaits and watch my hair make magic. I use the LCO method on wash days and repeat it after week 1 on my twists/plaits. I deep condition once a month. I do not dry my hair with a hair dryer, I air dry my hair. I can't  wait for Summer to try out some summer styles like wash n gos...

10) Do you have a side hustle that you'd like to share? business/ projects..
10. I make and sell wigs.  I'm always researching about hair lol. My next goal is to learn how to cornrow hair in  different styles. I practise on my daughter's hair.

You can follow me on facebook and instagram:
Instragram: crownsforqueens1

Lovely stuff Fredelene hopefully I'll be wearing one of your lovely wigs real soon!

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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Meet MagicalmessyMarion...

Yay it's almost the weekend- I'm excited because I'm going away for the weekend!

Anyways back to the lovely curly- So this beauty is a go -getter with  beautiful curls. She was diagnosed with alopecia but she didn't  let that deter her. Check out her inspiring natural hair journey.

Meet Marion

1 Please introduce yourself?

My name is Marion Hermans. I'm crazy but cute lol (Still a toss up between which is more dominant hehe). I am a mom to 2 beautiful boys and a wife to a handsome gentleman. I am a creative, and I  love teaching others. This passion has pushed me into a path of entrepreneurial bliss! I love to laugh and mess around. Laughter is the best medicine after all. :-)

2 How long have you been natural?
I've been natural since 2011 when I started growing dreadlocks. This was also the year I became a mom and gave up on trying to perfect my hair according to the world's standards. I had loads of stares, prejudices and comments about my dreads and what I chose to do with my hair. But... I laughed most of them off.

3 What or who inspired you to return to natural?

My sister. Our whole lives she never relaxed her hair. Not once did she consider conforming. And she wore her afro with pride and looked as beautiful as ever.

4 Have you ever had a setback with your hair? 
I was diagnosed with alopecia during my natural journey. This was the toughest thing to hear. My hair is my brand and it was hard for me to hear that these bald patches were going to be a permanent part of my life. The more I think about it, the more obvious it should've been when I was younger. But because I didn't have the knowledge back then, It definitely wasn't on my radar.
 I never really had hair on my legs or arms and I have very little eyebrows LOL. BUT, I thought I was just one of the lucky ones amongst my school friends who had to struggle with hairy body parts... lol.
 Since starting my natural journey, I've learned so much about hair and especially my OWN hair that I don't see alopecia as a setback anymore. It's just part of my life.

5 What advice would you give to someone considering returning to natural?

My advice is do it for the right reason. Not because it's a "trend" or because you want to look like someone you've seen on Instagram. Do it for yourself. You are more likely to have a fulfilling journey while on this path to natural hair and natural self. Your goals will be reached with the RIGHT motivation behind what you are doing.

6 What do you love about your current journey?
I love the freedom... to be me, to walk through wind and not have to fix/flatten my hair lol, the confidence to be carefree, the amazing souls I have met during this process. To be honest, I LOVE EVERYTHING this journey has laid in front of me so far :-)

7 Describe your hair in one sentence?
My hair is my OWN: I own it... and... I OWN it! ;-)

8 What are your favourite products that 
you can't live  without?
Everything from my kitchen lol. Store products: Buuya intense mask, My Natural Hair, the whole range except the curling cream. 

9)What is your regimen like?
A prepoo is always the start of my wash day. Followed by a cleanse with either bentonite or ACV. I always deep condition with each wash. And then style by plaiting my hair into a protective style for 2 weeks. The less touching, the better for my alopecia and me!

10) Do you have a side hustle that you'd like to share? business/ projects..
In 2017, I started a lifestyle brand called Marley Grey. I provide satin protection for hair (not just natural hair), accessories, as well as personalised hair care to the natural community. My products are mainly handmade and I try to be as affordable as possible for people from ALL walks of life. I collaborate with many other brands in order to build up sisterhood in South Africa.

Be blessed with big hair...

Marion Hermans
Director at Marley Grey

Facebook: Marley Grey Accessories
Instagram: Marley Grey
Whatsapp: 0720552574 (During office hours)

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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Meet MagicalmessyKim...

Today I feature a gorgeous Durbanite, we first met in 2016 at "It's all Natural" hair event. She has a bubbly personality and a mane of thick hair.
 Returning to natural  had lots of setbacks for her, but this curly never threw in the towel. Read all about her relatable journey.
Meet Kim!
Please introduce yourself?

I am Kim Houston. 
Born and raised in Durban KZN.  Originally from Wentworth now living in Parkhill. 
I am a mother of two beautiful princesses (8 & 1) and one in heaven. 
I am a wife to thee most loving, supportive, crazy and annoying husband. 
I am an avid naturalista..

2 How long have you been natural?
I started my natural hair journey with a big chop in 2003 when there was no good products available. All I knew was Pantene and Colgate egg conditioner. And then when budget allowed, kerastase treatments.
It was sink or swim.. 
All I had was conditioner, hair masks and gel. It was a roller coaster journey...

I gave in to the pressures of family and friends again and relaxed my hair in 2006/7... Later that year transitioned for a little bit and then big chopped again, I suppose I was not as comfortable in my own skin then, still trying to free or find myself and was a people pleaser even at my own expense.

I sadly relaxed my hair in 2009 when I got married ('for the photos'..  I know, I don't know what I was thinking! )  then started from scratch again in 2010 when my first daughter was born. 
I thought.. 
I need to be an example of self-love for her.. I learned to love and care for my hair and hers better too.. Still am learning.. You never stop learning your hair because it goes through different seasons and changes with the season... 

3 What or who inspired you to return to natural? 

At that time there was an actress that had such beautiful big curly hair, I marveled at her, India Arie,  Macy Gray and Kalis's hair.. They were my hair crushes.. 
And then I remembered listening to India Arie song 'I am not my hair' and I was like.. Yes! I'm gonna do it again.

Then in 2010 when my daughter was born.. I chopped it all off again and took my natural journey more seriously. 

4 Have you ever had a setback with your hair? 
Yes..  I am a lazy natural most days.. I tend to forget to wrap up my hair at night.. Trim my hair every 6 months or when I remember.. 
Only LOC it once a week when I wash it.. Co-wash twice if there is time..  Having a 1 year old is demanding.. So I end up with dry ends sometimes..  

5 What advice would you give to someone considering returning to natural?
Do it... 
Don't Over think it or Worry about what others will think.. This journey- Your Hair.. It is all about you and finding the confidence to Love You. 
The journey is rewarding

What do you love about your current 
Constantly learning to take the compliments and ignore the negative comments and brainless stigmatized jabber about natural hair.. Accepting Myself with All My Kinks and Koils. 

7 Describe your hair in one sentence?
A Perfectly Imperfect work in progress.. 

8 What are your favourite products that 
you can't live  without?

The Perfect Hair Co-wash 
The Perfect Hair Deep Conditioner 
Afrobotanics leave in conditioner. 
Amara Avo Butter 
My Natural Hair Strengthening oil
AfriTru Curl Power Gel. 

9)What is your regimen like? 
Very laid-back.. 
Co-wash twice a week. 
Deep condition once a week.
Oil once a week. 
Gel or leave in conditioner  daily or every 2 days for styling.. 

10) Do you have a side hustle that you'd like to share? business/ projects..

BUHLE is an accessory business I own. 
We offer Headwraps, bows, bow ties and headbands, our range consists of exclusively Ankara wax printed fabric. We also make little girl's outfits putting an African twist on the classic pinafore and circle skirt. Made from the best quality Ankara Fabric, sourced locally and each item is made by hand.

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Saturday, 14 July 2018

How I Co-wash...

I co-wash my hair  in between washes. It all depends on the how my hair feels (our hair talks  so pay attention)
Check out this post on co-washing.  

For me, I use conditioner when I want to refresh and add some softness  to my hair.  I co-wash to  gently remove the oils and build up from the styling products. I  co-wash my hair if I want  clean hair-  but not as squeaky clean as a shampoo would.

My hair is bleached and co-washing helps with not making the colour look stripped. 
 Co-washing refreshes  my hair until my next wash day, and keeps my thick, thirsty hair moisturised. 

There are all sorts of conditioners in my stash- but I find myself  reaching for Tresemme conditioners. I've been using them since the start of my hair journey.

This one is the truth!

This one is for remoisure. I instantly  feel the difference after using it and I love that it has a bit of a  foamy lather.
The label states that it  cleanses and replenishes and it does just that, also all Tressemme conditioners detangles my hair nicely. These bottles are huge which means I save quite a bit.
                 After co-washing 
Here's what I did:
 Firstly, I rinse, rinse and rinse, to  loosen the build up.

I apply some conditioner and rub.  Then I add  more, massaging the ends because I tend to moisturise them a little extra.     
When every strand is coated I detangle.  I covered my head with a shower cap for 5 minutes and afterwards I rinsed.

              After moisturising

Next I  used AfroBotanics deep penetrating deep conditioner, I  left it on for an hour using a shower cap.

Lastly  I moisturised and I was ready to style.

I have low porosity hair and my  hair craves water-  refreshing my hair by co-washing creates the perfect balance.

Remember that co-washing can't replace  shampoo. I know my hair and scalp and I won't be able to eliminate shampooing completely.

Is co-washing part of your regimen?

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Gal behind the magicalmessyhair...Tayane

I'm excited to introduce to you a curly I met on Instagram. I was taken  by her love for children, not to mention her smooth dance moves ( Ayo & Teo please sit down) 😆

Meet Tayane!

1 Please introduce yourself?
I am Tayane Lee Arends, a 26 year old female from Cape Town. I am passionate about the arts, sneakers, empowering my community, hair, beauty and fashion. I am an entrepreneur and busy building my empire one day at a time.

2 How long have you been natural?
I have been natural since the age of 13 which is 13 years with blowouts in between. In 2011, I decided to take better care of my hair and started using less heat  as I received more knowledge on how to maintain my hair.

3 What or who inspired you to return to natural?
I was tired of my hair always "mincing" Frizzing up after I would do my own blowout and stopped doing it myself. I thought I was bad at doing my own hair, only to find out I'm quite good. All I  just needed was  the right products and information.
4 Have you ever had a setback with your hair?
After I went for an operation in February this year I was on a liquid diet which turned to soft foods for 4 months and my hair suffered and started breaking off. I did all the treatments but because of the drastic diet change my hair wasn't having a good time. When I was able to get back to my normal diet and eat properly I decided to cut 50 % of my hair. Almost like a mini big chop. Since then my hair has been growing and became healthy again. 

5 What advice would you give to someone considering returning to natural?  

It's not an easy journey so be prepared for tears, frustration, long hours, sore arms and unexpected wash n go results. However there are way more benefits. It's  a beautiful journey towards self discovery.

6 What do you love about your current 
I love how my hair speaks to me. When  something is wrong I can feel it and when it's healthy I can see the glow.

7 Describe your hair in one sentence?
My hair is a crown that keeps shining and commands attention.

8 What are your favourite products that 
you can't live  without?
I can't do without The Perfect Hair Styler and  deep conditioner.  Sjoe! those creams do  wonders to my hair. My Natural Hair Strengthening Oil is amazing.

 9 What is your regimen like? 
I first do a cleansing co-wash. I believe in deep conditioning after every wash to keep my curls in order. I then use the styler and oil - and then my wash day is complete.

10 Do you have a side hustle that you'd like to share? business/ projects.. 

My side hustle would be selling accessories to take care of hair such, as satin pillowcases, satin pom poms, wide tooth comb as well as helping others transition to natural hair by guiding them with information. 

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Gal behind the magicalmessyhair...Whitney

For a few weeks I'll be featuring some gorgeous curlies from my Facebook group. I'm happy to introduce you to a smart young lady, read all the way to the end to find out about her blooming business.

Meet Whitney

1 Please introduce yourself?
My name is Whitney and I'm currently doing my honours at NWU. 

2 How long have you been natural? 
   I've been natural since 2012. 
3 What or who inspired you to return to natural?
    My hair colour was actually turning gold  due to using relaxers for so long. I also   wasnt seeing any change in the length of  my hair. After discussing these issues  with  a close  friend of mine, we both  decided to go natural. 

4 Have you ever had a setback with your hair? 
Yes. I experienced a lot of breakage towards the end of last year. It was the most prominent on wash day. While washing, I'd see huge clumps of hair just falling to the floor. My heart was so sore. I then did a simple ayurvedic routine for about a month and all was right with the world again lol. 

5 What advice would you give to someone considering returning to natural? 
Read up as much as you can on natural hair and to watch YouTube videos. When i first started, I was winging it. I treated my natural hair the same way I did when it was relaxed. 

6 What do you love about your current 

I've finally managed to figure out what works for me and I now have a set routine. 

7 Describe your hair in one sentence?

8 What are your favourite products that 
you can't live  without?
    Wide tooth Afro Comb
     And Grapeseed oil
9)What is your regimen like? 
    1. Pre-poo using a mixture of oils. Usually  overnight, but if that's not possible, then  for 30 mins with my microwavable heat  cap
    2. Use a shampoo or my DIY african black   soap shampoo 
    3. Deep Condition using a deep                         conditioner then detangle. 
   4. Use my microwavable heat cap with the  conditioner on for about 20 - 30 min
   5. Rinse out the deep conditioner and then     apply aloe juice or my leave in conditioner. 
   6. Then apply Grapeseed oil and  a butter.

10) Do you have a side hustle that you'd like to share? business/ projects.. 
   Together with my sister, we run an online store that sells Microwavable deep conditioning heat caps and other hair care goodies. There'll also be a blog          coming up soon. You'll find all of this on

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Until next time Magicals 

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Wash Day...


Yesterday I had to mentally prepare myself to wash my hair. Since I've  coloured my hair, I've changed a few things to my regimen.
I absolutely have to cleanse or refresh my hair at least once a week.

Here's what my wash day looked like:


I only pre-poo when I use a shampoo or cleansing bar.
I used coconut oil to pre-poo for about thirty minutes. First I sectioned my hair in half. I  sprayed my hair with a little  water then applied the coconut oil. Besides the amazing benefits, coconut oil penetrates the hair in ways that other oils are not able to. It makes my hair soft and shiny that's why I use it mostly.


I washed my hair with Black African soap, the Dudu Osun brand. I've been using this soap since the start of my hair journey, and I love that  it clarifies my hair without stripping it. My hair always feels nice and soft after I use it.


Nature's Gate conditioner smells divine and is very thick. I left it on my hair for ten minutes then rinsed it out. I always condition my hair after washing.

Hot oil treatments
Again I used the coconut oil. Since  my hair is coloured, I've taken extra care to boost the health of my hair, by  doing regular hot oil treatments. This step ensures that  my hair stays  strong and nourished. I kept it on for thirty minutes and didn't rinse it out because I applied the deep treatment afterwards.

Deep treatment 
I used  the Shea Moisture hair masque afterwards, then covered my head with  a shower cap.  Some heat from my blowdryer to get the maximum effect and because I'm low porosity.  I kept the treatment on for an hour then rinsed thoroughly. It was my first time using this brand.


I used Carol's Daughter leave-in and Cantu growth cream. Here I detangled using the Wet brush.

The Wet brush is a magical tool! I've always had trouble detangling my hair but after using this brush for the first time yesterday I was stunned...

The bristles move and bend with your hair so that your hair won't rip.

My wash days vary depending on the state of my hair, and I also sometimes  like diy-ng my deep conditioning treatments. I don't always pre-poo and do a hot oil treatment- but my hair seriously needed to be revived, and coconut oil hits the spot😀

Side note - I received the brush with most of these products from the #ClicksCurls event.
 I  don't feel the need to buy  them (you know which ones I'm referring to) - even if I won the lotto😅 I have plenty of products in my stash that work the same, if not better...#nognooit. 

Share your wash day steps in the comments below.

Until next time - Magicals!

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