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So, does Porosity really matter?

Hey there curlies! 

The first step to solving a problem is to identify it right?  So, I did some research and found out that I have low porosity hair after doing the strand test.

What is hair porosity?
It is your hairs ability to absorb moisture and is categorized by having ~ Low, Normal and High porosity. Knowing where you fall under will help you to know the needs of your hair as well as what products work best for your hair. This can explain why certain products work well in someone else's hair but not yours.

See the above chart on how to go about doing the strand test.

(1) Hair that is LOW POROSITY has difficulty absorbing moisture easily. This  means that the cuticle is tight, making product penetration difficult, which can lead to  product buildup. For low porosity hair, regular deep conditioning treatments using heat (I sometimes use a hot towel) are helpful because it helps in retaining moisture penetration.

Use lighter oils,( I use almond and  grapeseed)
Ayurvedic treatments help to open the cuticle.
 Low porosity hair can benefit from clay treatments.
 Low Porosity Hair takes quite some time to fully air dry, sometimes a day or two. The good thing about low porosity hair is that once moisture is infused, it holds onto it due to the tight cuticles.

(2) Hair that is of NORMAL POROSITY absorbs and retains just the right amount of water.
Use cool water for your final rinse.
Moisturise and seal as needed.
Seal with light oils.

(3) Hair that is of HIGH POROSITY has cuticles that have holes or tears  from chemical treatments, harsh combing or brushing or overuse of heat, that causes it to take in  moisture quickly. Seems good enough right? Nope! the water will escape just as easily, leaving your hair dry all the time.
Protein treatments will help fill the gaps in hair cuticle.

 Deep condition more times with a protein conditioner than a moisturising one.

Apple cider vinegar rinses will help seal the cuticle and lock in moisture.

Cold water rinses, heavier oils and water based moisturisers are all best for high porosity hair.
Keep heat at a minimum- no rather don't use heat at all if you can.

I have low porosity hair and it can get tricky sometimes. My hair craves moisture but has difficulty getting it in. What works most for me is doing weekly co-washes and using heat when I deep condition.
 I sometimes feel like my hair takes foreveeeeerrr to get drenched in water on wash days... I've also learned that low porosity hair don't take on color very well too.   
My hair works well with liquid-y products. If I dont use a moisturiser, I use a bit of oil  to seal in the water on damp hair.
When I use a product and it says to leave on for 20 minutes, then I leave it on for about forty to forty five minutes instead. I double the time because our hair needs a longer time to absorb products. 
 I moisturise and seal when my hair is about 70% dry, if I don't then the products applied won't absorb but will sit on top of my hair. So,  as you can see - porosity really does matter.  It was a game changer for me and it can be for you too.
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Do you know the porosity of your hair? How are you taking care of it?

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