Tuesday, 14 March 2017

But enough about me already...

Hey all!

Wait... This post supposed to be done way back. Seriously procrastination just isn't optional!

So who am I?
Well, I'm an entrepeneur, a daydreamer and an introvert who enjoys the simple things in life. A coffee and hot chocolate lover. My greatest joy comes from being a mom, wife and a sister:)


 I love natural anything from hair to homemade juices. I
totally love all things  vintage too and giving compliments is part of who I am.

Here's more of what I love:
I love to walk barefoot in the  grass
I love my hair
I love to laugh and sometimes way to hard!
I love to watch British comedies
I love old cars
I love the way my husband looks at me...
I love to hear old peoples stories about 'back in their day'
I have a weird- funky sense of style and beauty to me is not the same standards of how the world views beauty.

I'm weird ( did I mention it already)? Reserved- I can be outspoken if I wanna be.  I live in my head a lot...(don't repeat that)
 And lastly I love the Lord who created us wonderfully and beautifully, unique in our own right!

I struggle mightily at backing my car out of tight places and  I must mention that I'm quite bamboozled by those who can- here's to my hubby!

Here's what I'm not:
I'm not a scientist
I'm not a hair guru
I'm not the smartest
I'm not the best writer, I'm new at this
I'm just happy to share what I know and pass it along to you:)

So I really hope that you kind of know me better - but enough about me already!

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And remember that sharing is caring!

Stay Natural Stay Magical


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