But enough about me already...

Hey all!

Wait... This post supposed to be done way back. Seriously procrastination just isn't optional!

So who am I?
Well, I'm an entrepeneur, a daydreamer and an introvert who enjoys the simple things in life. A coffee and hot chocolate lover. My greatest joy comes from being a mom, wife and a sister:)


 I love natural anything from hair to homemade juices. I
totally love all things  vintage too and giving compliments is part of who I am.

Here's more of what I love:
I love to walk barefoot in the  grass
I love my hair
I love to laugh and sometimes way to hard!
I love to watch British comedies
I love old cars
I love the way my husband looks at me...
I love to hear old peoples stories about 'back in their day'
I have a weird- funky sense of style and beauty to me is not the same standards of how the world views beauty.

I'm weird ( did I mention it already)? Reserved- I can be outspoken if I wanna be.  I live in my head a lot...(don't repeat that)
 And lastly I love the Lord who created us wonderfully and beautifully, unique in our own right!

I struggle mightily at backing my car out of tight places and  I must mention that I'm quite bamboozled by those who can- here's to my hubby!

Here's what I'm not:
I'm not a scientist
I'm not a hair guru
I'm not the smartest
I'm not the best writer, I'm new at this
I'm just happy to share what I know and pass it along to you:)

So I really hope that you kind of know me better - but enough about me already!

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And remember that sharing is caring!

Stay Natural Stay Magical


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