Monday, 27 November 2017

My boy's simple hair regimen...

Hello messycurlfriends!

A few months back my boy  asked me to help him grow his hair for the holidays and because he didn't like drinking water, I  told him the secret to long hair is water.
Guess what? He drinks water everyday and even reminds me to drink up...😄

I paid a neighbour to do cornrows for him yesterday.  His been wanting to do it for a while.
The cornrows were sowed with black wool. He loves his new hairstyle! His been having so much fun growing his hair cos his seen growth in such a short time- 2 months...😀

 I put up a video on my page - he explains why I deep conditioned his hair.

His hair is thick and gets extremely dry. I use the same products that I use on my hair for his because we both are  low porosity.

Cleanse - I wash every second day using a sulphate free shampoo - following with a  conditioner.
He likes plastering  his hair with products that's why I wash often and also  because of build up.

Sometimes I co-wash his hair instead of shampooing. Like I said he has very dry hair and co - washing refreshes, lightly cleanses and still leaves his hair nice and soft.

Condition - I keep the conditioner on for  like five minutes. He detangles using a wide tooth comb. Then I rinse thoroughly.

Deep condition - Now that his hair is a bit longer I've been deep conditioning every second week.
 I leave it on for about 20 minutes covered with a shower cap. After rinsing I moisturise.

Moisturise - I use a leave-in then a hair butter. I noticed his hair loves butters.
 His favourite butter- makes his hair soft and fluffy.

Sometimes I'll use my diy flaxseed gel if  he wants a curl.

I use my spray bottle of water and acv on his hair  sometimes before I co- wash.
Last night I sprayed black tea from the fridge to relieve the tension because it was a bit tight. He liked the coldness and it helped alot.
His scalp is not dry and has no flakes
because of simply making sure his hair is cleansed, conditioned and moisturised.
He never combs his hair when it dry- only when it's it's wet and saturated with conditioner.
I have spritz bottles- with different concoctions but I taught him to use the one with water and a bit of acv before adding a moisturiser. It seems to be working and his hair is growing.
I honostly don't know what's gonna happen when school re-opens in January...😆


Okay I think it's time I post about my regimen next. It's loooong overdue don't you think?

Check you later curlies and -
Keep the Magic

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