Thursday, 21 July 2016

A new updo

I have recently become bored with my hair. I have gotten tired of my twists and I just didn't want to be leaving my hair out every day.
I'm a simple natural and kinda lazy sometimes. My go to style is a puff and afro. I don't like hiding my hair so this year I didn't do not one protective style. That's correct- not even one.
Back in the day I could rock  a different style every day, I was creative with hairstyling. I reminisce on that whenever I stand in front of my mirror deciding on what to do with my hair.
Two weeks back I attempted to do a tuck and roll on freshly washed hair and I liked it.
This was a proud moment for me. I then did another updo style but this time I stretched my hair first. I was inspired by a few pics on Instagram, yoh! there are many beautiful natural hair styles out there! So yes after washing,deep conditioning and sealing I stretched my hair with a blowdryer on medium heat. Thereafter I did loose twists here and there.
 I just joined them with bobby pins and added my one and only hair grip, to give a more classical look. I need to invest in more hair accessories now that my hair is longer. I had no idea on how the style should be or what it should look like.
So there you have it, curlies this is so liberating! I feel like I'm stepping out and into another level or phase. 
Any style tips is much appreciated.

Until next time...

Stay natural Stay Magical

Xo Xo - Marlene

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