Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Hair crisis

Hello again! I'm quite sure that you will agree with me that change is inevitable. Change is sometimes hard to embrace but, what do you do when you bored with your hair?
Maybe you want to freshen up your look? Its okay to have fun with your hair, its also a way to express who you are to the world.
Here are a few ideas for you if you want a bit of change-

Get yourself a gloss treatment if your hair color is starting to look stale or even a deep conditioner. These will add some shine and give your hair a good lift.
Change the shape of your fro. Simple adjustments can make a huge difference.
If you usually do your hair at a salon then forget it this time, and go ahead and spoil yourself. Get a facial or do your nails and don't forget your toes too. Maybe a good massage is just what you really need. We are constantly changing, growing and learning. Trust me, your hair won't mind if you skip a hairdo so you can get treated in a different way.

So are you in an emotional hair crisis? You definitely not alone.

Until next time,
Stay natural  Stay Magical

Xoxo Marlene Louw

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