Thursday, 11 August 2016

My take on the Garnier hair balm

Hey curlies!

Today's update is on the Garnier Ultimate Blends, the sleek restorer balm, blended with coconut oil and cocoa butter. Balms and masks are intense conditioners, that can return moisture to the hair and protect it.

My hair is thick, kinky and super dry, that's why I settled for this one. 
The texture of this balm is thick and light brown in colour. The fragrance is kind of yummy like with a sweet cocoa smell. It does seem to have made my hair less brittle. After using this product my hair feels alot softer and manageable. I love that it doesn't require any heat to do the job. It does leave my hair smoother with a noticeable healthy look.

What I appreciate about this product is that it can be used as a everyday conditioner.
Overall I'm satisfied with the results. I wish it came in a tube instead of a tub, it's just more convenient to use. So, will I continue to use this product? No- it gives a temporary effect and the results are not miraculous for me. Being natural with thick hair I need a more potent treatment. I won't be purchasing it again because I already get the same effect from my Dove intense treatment. I do recommend it to healthy hair newbies with dry or damaged hair. Remember that results may vary according to your type.
Try it out and let me know your results.
 Thanks for dropping by, until next time,

Stay natural - Stay Magical
Xo Xo - Marlene Louw

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