Sunday, 14 August 2016

What do you love about your natural hair?

Hello there curlies!

In my teens I struggled with self esteem. All through adulthood I felt like a project that needed to be fixed, my face, my body, my hair etc.
So when I decided to return to natural, many aspects of my life changed too.

I no longer compared myself to others. I no longer felt shy to stand out from the crowd. I finally accepted that I will never fit into their standards of normal. My hair journey is a lesson of self worth and identity. I grew to love my hair even though I didn't understand it at times. I became an afro sassy, confident women who wears her crown with pride.
I no longer forced my hair into submission. I let my curls decide what kind of hair day we gonna have, and that in itself is natural as can be!
I appreciate every stranger that stares at me, who come up to me and ask if it is my real hair, and if they can touch it.  I have learnt that I can't control everything and it's okay.
Wearing my hair natural is simply being me. I feel liberated and unapologetic.  The more messy and misbehaved my fro became, the more I grew to love it. I love that it grows out and up, it's magical because it certainly defies gravity...
I love my hair when it's wild, I love my hair when it's tamed, I love my hair in whatever state it's in, and this is what should be celebrated.

I love the different types of styles I can create, sometimes the curls get really tight and this is when I get asked if I cut my hair.
Being natural broadend my understanding that my worth is not conforming to specific beauty standards. 
I love my curly, coily, kinky and "kroes' hair because it has multiple personalities and more importantly it's MINE!

So, curlies what do you love about your natural hair? 

Until next time
Stay natural Be Magical
XoXo  Marlene Louw 

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