Friday, 5 August 2016

Some hair tips

Hey curlies-

My hair is naturally dry and during the colder season it gets even more dryer. I did a Henna gloss today just to add a bit of thickness and shine. It got me thinking about my hair. If your  hair is like mine, super thick and thirsty then you know that it can get even more dry during the colder months.

Here's what I do to keep my hair manageable and healthy:

First off I hardly use shampoo. I co- wash often this helps especially if your hair is super dry. 
I sometimes add a few drops of oil to shampoo, (not in the whole bottle) Essential oils like ylang ylang and bergamot(my favorite) helps to open the hair cuticle so moisture can be easily absorbed. Im currently using argon oil. It instantly moisturises the hair.
Always use conditioner. I always stock up on conditioner, I use it to detangle and I also use it  in my spray bottle. Use a moisture rich conditioner.
Use a leave in conditioner and water should be the first ingredient in any leave in.
Deep condition after every wash. I never leave out this step. The health of my hair is because of this.
Check out your styling products to make sure that it doesn't have a high content of alcohol.
Make sure you seal in all that goodness with an oil. Remember- oil doesn't moisturise. Using a moisturiser without oil will allow the moisture to escape in no time. So far I have used avocado oil, olive oil, amla and my favourite coconut oil. I just started using argon oil and its been good to me so far.
Try not to use the blowdryer as it can dry your scalp.
Protect your hair when you go out in the cold.
Don't forget to wrap your hair at night, but of course you already know this.
If your hair is really dry and brittle I suggest you do some weekly oil massages.  Warm some oil, I use coconut oil and apply to scalp then massage.
Remember that over styling can damage your strands. I use to have the "hands in hair syndrome" at the beginning stages of my hair journey. I know it can be difficult at times. Braids and twists are great because there's no need to style your hair all the time.

With these tips your curls should carry you through the colder days. Hope you enjoyed reading like I enjoyed writing this post.

Here's to natural healthy and magical hair.

Xo Xo- Marlene Louw

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