Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Dove Intensive Repair

Hey there curlies!
I keep my hair happy by deep conditioning every time I wash it.
I have been using the Dove Intensive Repair conditioner and the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle deep treatment. Deep conditioning is important for our type of hair because it is naturally dry. Failure to regularly deep condition maybe the cause of hair breakage.
I really enjoy using the Dove Intensive Repair. It's a daily treatment conditioner that claims to give instant deep nourishment. It has a refreshing clean fragrance that lingers on my hair for up to three days. It comes in a convenient upside down tube making it easy to dispense. The color is milky white with a thick consistency. My hair feels transformed with every use. It leaves my hair soft and it's also excellent for color treated hair. I wear my hair out most of the time, so my hair is always in need of some intense moisture repair as possible. It leaves my hair soft, tangle free and with a healthy boost.
Dove Intensive Repair daily treatment conditioner is everything a quality conditioner ought to be. It's a conditioner with treatment inside, so it can be used daily. I like that this product DOES what it says it does!
 I would recommend this product for curlies who have dry, damaged or brittle hair. I will definitely repurchase this product again.

Kindly note that I'm not promoting any products here. Results may differ depending on your hair type.
Until next time,
Stay Natural - Stay Magical
XoXo Marlene Louw

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