Saturday, 27 August 2016

My weight loss inspired me...

Hello again curlies!
 My inspiration for embracing my natural hair was my weight loss.
My weight loss journey started in 2014. I weighed 105kg. I was depressed most of the time, I never left the house, the  thought of not fitting in a chair is what I really feared the most. I was constantly tired. My health was on a down low. I started getting frequent chest pains, so I ended up at the doctor's office.
I found out my thyroid was out of whack and the reason it was difficult to loose weight was because I had PCOS. That explained why after all, I couldn't conceive. Oh and the chest pains was because I was MORBIDLY obese!
So I was told because of all this and my age, it will be difficult to loose weight. I didn't really hear the rest because I was numb. The words MORBIDLY obese kept ringing in my ears.
Coming from a generation of family members plagued with high blood pressure, sugar diabetes, etc I wanted something different for me. I didn't want to live a life dependant on medication because of unhealthy choices.
Fast forward, I eventually lost the weight and  I learnt that what we eat plays a major role in our overall health. I began to understand that healthy meant a number of things, such as drinking enough water, minimal stress and a healthy lifestyle.
I became mindful of what I put in my body and so I wanted the same for my hair as well. Good habits and positive living becomes easier the more we practice it. Remember the only person who can slow or hinder your progress is You. Check out my Page for some more inspiration.
What inspired you to embrace your natural hair?

Until next time,

Stay natural - Stay Magical
XoXo - Marlene Louw

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