Sunday, 16 October 2016

Snip and Slay...the Big Chop

Hello again curlies!

Short hair can free you. Cutting my hair was honestly such a brave move. The big chop is one of the two ways to go natural. The big chop is cutting all of your relaxed hair off and only working with your natural hair

I'll admit that the big chop may cause you to feel vulnerable but sometimes it's the best way to go natural. After the haircut you need to figure out how to maintain your short hair (TWA – Teeny Weenie Afro). Firstly, build an easy regimen, one that is simple and that works for you.
Don’t use too many products at once because you won’t know what’s working and what’s not.
Main Products You Need: a sulfate-free shampoo, rinse out conditioner, deep conditioner (used weekly), daily moisturizer,used as often as needed. Make sure your moisturizers have water listed as the first or second ingredient. My biggest mistake was using oil to soften my hair, it just sat on top of my hair. Remember this, oil is not a moisturizer. It's a sealant.  So add oils AFTER your water-based moisturizer to seal it in.
Create a daily moisturizing spritz with water, a few teaspoons of a leave-in conditioner and a few drops of your favorite natural oil.  Spray/mist your hair when it feels dry. I suffered from dry hair and after doing some research I started to do the baggying method – basically sleeping with a plastic cap or bag on your head to trap heat and moisture overnight. It takes time to get adjusted and learn your hair. You’re not gonna cut your hair and say, “This is exactly what I wanted.”
 You Tube is your best friend! There are hundreds, of tutorials showing how to style your baby fro.
Most of 2015 I rocked protective styles and it really helped retain the length of my hair. 

Lastly, remember you are gorgeous. Don’t let negative comments get you down! Enjoy every stage of your natural hair journey and have fun. 
Until next time
Stay Natural -  Stay Magical
Xo Xo -   Marlene Louw

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