Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Don't touch that hair...

Hi there curlies!
Many  of us appreciate the growth we see when we leave our hair in peace. Yup, I'm talking about protective styling.
Remember to be cautious when choosing your protective style. If it's not not done correctly it can do more harm than good to your hair.

Protective styling using just your hair- 
*don't do the styles too
*it should not be  difficult to do
* save your hair line and be gentle - try not to pull on your edges too tight.
Note: Hairstyles that leave your hair flowing in the wind or brushing your shoulders are not considered as protective styles because your hair is not tucked away and so defeats its purpose.

Advantages of protective styling- 
*it reduces too much
  manipulation of hair.
*if done correctly protective styling  can help with length retention.
If you follow my blog or hair page then you already know my go to protective style... Twists! They are so convenient. I can get two styles - the twists as a style on its own , and a bomb twistout!

Here's a video on preparing your hair before installing a protective style.

So, have you reaped the rewards of protective styling?

Until next time,
Stay Natural  - Stay Magical
Xoxo  Marlene Louw

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