Saturday, 25 March 2017

Diy African Black Soap ( sulphate free ) shampoo*

Hey there curlies!

Don't you just love a product that is budget friendly, has multi usage benefits... Aaand... works ridiculously well too?
African Black soap happens to be one of those- I've been using this soap for about a year. My hair never feels stripped or crunchy but clean and moisturised(?)  No shampoo has ever left my hair moisturised before.
African black soap has some healing properties and is antifungal. Its known to help with scalp and skin conditions such as eczema, dandruff, psoriasis and other irritations you may have going on up there. As you know- getting rid  of scalp issues helps promote a healthy environment for your hair to grow.

I have a soft spot for this soap because it's all natural I can never go wrong with that. My staple is ABS; it's cheaper and more effective than experimenting with other shampoos.
 Anyways let's get on with it- 

Here's what I used:)
Black Soap pictured above
11/2 cups of water
 my oil mix containing almond, avo and grapeseed oil
castor oil
1 stick of cinnamon
Essential oils - ylang ylang and rosemary
You can use whatever oils and essential oils of your choice.

Customise and adjust this recipe according to your preference. I didn't use any precise measurements. Go ahead feel free to play around with the mix.

How to make it:)
I boiled the kettle
I cut up about a quarter of the the soap
Grated the soap then put it in a container
Then poured the hot water into the container with the soap
Slowly I  stirred the mixture
When cooled I added my oils-
Thereafter honey and glycerine
Then my essential oils- ylang ylang and rosemary- about 8 drops each.
 After an hour or so  I poured the shampoo into my spray bottle, adding in the cinnamon stick.
The extra ingredients add a moisturising effect to make it more suitable for the needs of my hair and for everyday use. I store mine in the fridge for safekeeping. So there you have it your very own sulphate free shampoo!

Check out all that wonderful goodness in this soap- Shea butter! Whooa... Its all natural ingredients with no preservatives. I love what it does for the skin too.

My hair clumps better with this soap and it lathers very well. It detangles, clarifies, moisturises and softens my coils.

Don't be fooled by how watery it is -this shampoo gets the job done!
Have you tried ABS? Let me know how you make yours - And drop a comment or like if you found this post helpful.
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