Sunday, 19 February 2017

How I do my twists...

Hello again!

 I love twists because they are easy to do and they work for me. Twists look great on everyone and  they are low manipulation.

I start with clean hair always. I thoroughly apply a leave in conditioner. I always twist on damp to almost dry hair. I tried twists on wet hair, I tried the really small twists  until I found what really works for me.

I section my hair into two parts. I then  apply a moisturising cream-  I am currently using African Pride Olive Miracle.  I have never  tried twisting with gel. If you do use gel for twisting  avoid the ones with alcohol in them.  I twist my hair in medium size twists.

 Remember to seal  the ends of your twists and twirl them around your finger. This step is important because it reduces the frizz on the ends of your twists. If your hair starts to dry spray with water. Air dry fully. I leave my twists in for more than three days for a super defined twistout.

Did I mention that twists are super cute too!
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Until next time curlies
Stay Natural  Stay Magical

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