Thursday, 9 March 2017

Detox your hair with Bentonite Clay...

Hi again!

 I am so glad that I discovered Bentonite clay thanks to all the hair groups that I follow. After a few uses all I can say is I'm getting me another one! 
I apply it as a hair mask, face mask and use it as a shampoo to clarify. I just make it in a  liquid form.

So I'm sure by now you like what's so special about this clay? Well, it

- it cleanses, clarifies and conditions the hair. It literally sucks out all the toxins and dirt and restores your scalp back to normal. It also relieves an itchy scalp. So just like a magnet it attracts everything thats bad in your hair  that is why it makes an excellent face mask! 

I mix the powder with some apple cidar vinegar. You can add aloe vera juice if you want.  It will fizzle not to worry. I also added some essential oils after one of my curlfriends from Instagram suggested it. What I love about this clay is that you can add a bunch of things to the mix, like conditioner, tea, yoghurt, ils etc. I didn't yet try all of these ingredients but I will soon.
                 I added more water to this mixture as you can see it was too thick.
Oh I read somewhere that you should not use a metal spoon or bowl to mix. The properties of the metal interact with the properties of the clay and decreases the clay's potency. (in my simplified version lol).
The very first time I applied it on dry hair. I didn't like it that way. I now apply it to wet hair because the water helps to evenly distribute the paste better.

Forty minutes I leave it in for but you can leave it longer or shorter its all up to you. Rinse thoroughly. To my surprise it's rather easy to rinse off-  but still rinse really well. You will immediately notice how soft your hair feels. Now you can apply your favourite conditioner! I always deep condition afterwards. The choice is yours there is no wrong or right way. Play around with the different methods and mixtures to find what your hair loves.

Wear an old t-shirt cos things can get really messy...

The clay transformed my hair into soft pliable hair! My expectations moving forward - to get healthy hair and glowing skin! 

Check out this video I did where I'm using Bentonite clay as a shampoo.

If you haven't yet tried out this clay then you should. Your hair will love it:) Thank me later..

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