Thursday, 18 May 2017

new blog name...

Hi everyone!

Recently I've been toying with thé idea of à new blog name.
Just thé other day I was thinking about how far I've come. I'm growing and I want my blog to reflect that side of me. Since I started blogging  I've become aware of myself on a much deeper level. I certainly have blossomed in all areas of my life. Blogging is becoming part of my lifelong learning process and because of this I decided to changé thé name of my blog.

Magicalmessymerls will now be Magicalmessyme - nothing drastic still keeping it simple. When I started out I gavé no thought when choosing à name. Adding my name to it just seemed right. By doing so it became me, mine...
But its not about me- its about you! You matter, you are important.

 Seriously- I have you in mind everytime I buy products, when I try out new concoctions it's for you.  From selfies to #ootd...All I blog for is to share my opinions and experiences with you.
So thank you all for your continious support and no worries all my média channels will be updated - you don't have to do a thing!

What's your thoughts on thé name changé?

Keep thé Magic Stay Natural

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