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Blooming n Booming...Buuya Beauty...

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This week I have the pleasure of featuring the founder of  Buuya Beauty - Meet the beautiful Queen Kasuba Naomi  Stuurman. Stuurman launched her products last week on her birthday! (Talk about abundant blessings and new beginnings...) In this interview she shares how she built her business, her mistakes and gives some serious advice for new entrepreneurs - Enjoy!

Tell us a little about yourself?
I am a determined, hardworking, proudly Zambian woman married to the most Amazing man!

What inspired you to create your own natural hair line?
So many things; but I would have to say that one of the biggest driving forces is my desire to see women of colour embracing themselves and accepting themselves for who they are. Also, I really wanted to pay tribute to the rich natural resources that we have in Southern Africa.

What is a typical day like for you?
Well, because I’m working for myself now, I have the luxury of a 9am start. This means I don’t experience the stress of traffic and I don’t have to wake up at ungodly hours. I’m really enjoying that but it doesn’t mean I’m slacking. At 9am, the rubber hits the road and I begin processing orders, contacting suppliers, making necessary payments, manufacturing part of my range, and forming business relationships, to mention a few. My day is normally supposed to end at 6pm but I find I enjoy myself so much that I work quite late on some days. I suppose it helps that my husband and I work in the same building.

How did you overcome challenges in your own natural hair journey?
This is something that I have only recently learned to do. Ever since I had to cut my hair, I have battled with the fact that my image doesn’t correspond with one of a successful hair brand. It wasn’t until, a few months ago, I came to the realisation that this is who I am and I don’t need anyone to validate my existence except my creator and myself! I am enough.

How do you motivate yourself and stay motivated?
I surround myself with positivity. I seek the company of those who mean well for me. I listen to their advice and I also embrace their criticism because that’s what helps me grow. I keep my circle small, I pray, and I go out and slay!

What inspired you to select the ingredients for your products?   
As I mentioned, I really wanted to show the wealth of ingredients that we have in the Southern African Region. Mongongo Oil, Mafura Butter, Cape Costal Honeybush, and Kigelia Africana make a bomb combination! They are high in antioxidants, they have great emollient properties, and they are extremely nutrient rich with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.
They are indigenous to Zambia (of course), Botswana, Nambia, South Africa, and parts of Mozambique. 

As a side note, my choice of fragrance, apricot, wasn’t one I would have chosen on my own. My awesome developer snuck it into one of my sample formulations and it was love at first sniff! Later on, I recalled how I used to walk to my friend’s house during the school holidays, climb her apricot tree, and we would eat the poor apricots until we got ill. I’m now glad he used his creative licence because it is such a clean, sweet fragrance.

Which is your favourite product from your line and how do you use it?
This is like asking a mother which of her children is her favourite! Honestly! If you put a gun to my head and I really had to choose, I would say they Hair and Body Butter because, as the name suggests, I use it on my ENTIRE body.            

My skin loves it, my hair is softer and more protected because of it, and it smells absolutely divine (apricot).

What's the number one mistake you see naturals make?
I wouldn’t really call them mistakes. I am of the opinion that we are all on different part of the same journey. We all have a lot to learn about the various nuances surrounding our hair. If you ask me what one of my top pet peeves is—it’s natural (afro) weaves. I just can’t. Not sorry.

What are two threats to your business success and how are you handling them? 
Natural Weaves hahah!
But on a serious note, one would be me losing focus of my purpose—to empower women of colour to embrace themselves for who they are.
Another would be getting too comfortable and slacking—my dad always says there is no substitute for hard work.

Describe one of your biggest failures and what lessons did you learn?
One of my biggest lessons is my previous business, Rockin Naturals. I learned to work hard for what I wanted, I learned that opportunity won’t just fall into my lap, I learned that if I want something done, I need to drive the right people to do it for me because I can’t do everything myself, I learned to maintain a healthy scepticism, and never to make emotional business decisions.

What advice would you give someone who may be considering starting their own natural hair product line?
I would say, come and ask me anything you need to know. Too many people are too scared to share about their suppliers, business registration process, incubator programs, etc; if you ask, you will find genuine people who are willing to help and empower you.. Honestly the biggest thing is, if you don’t have a passion for hair, and you don’t want to work hard, don’t do it.

How can we learn more about your products and get our hands on them? 

You can learn more about them and buy them
Follow our social media pages:
Facebook – Buuya Beauty
Instagram – @buuyabeauty
Twitter – @buuya_beauty

                         Launch of Buuya Beauty
with some of the lovely hair ambassador Queens...                                

"I surround myself with positivity. I seek the company of those who mean well for me."

"I am a determined, hardworking, proudly Zambian woman married to the most Amazing man!"

Lastly... Are you hiring?
Great question :D very soon, I hope!

So  tell a friend to tell a friend that they should seriously tell a friend to get their hands on these Buuya products! cos #localisnice...
Sp├ęcial thanks to you Stuurman and I wish you all the best!

......Keep the Magic......

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