Saturday, 17 June 2017

Knot-out Dark and Lovely conditioner.... Part 1


I'm surprised by the number of products popping up that are geared towards naturalistas!

I haven't used Dark and Lovely products since relaxer days.
 Before I start, please remember that this review is based on the experience on MY hair. Dark and Lovely did not send products to me for review. I buy all my own products.


For those of you who are on the CG method these products promise the following:
 No alcohol
                 No parabens.           
              No mineral oil      
             No  petrolatum    
               For all hair types   
Thé conditioner:                                                 
       Nice thick consistency.  I seriously don't like the fragrance - #tooartificial...  Thé back of label states that it easily detangles and offers thé slip you désire to make  combing à breeze. Um ... This did absolutely nothing for and to my hair.    The name Knot-out is what caught my attention- I thought the slip would of been super slippery.
     It provided no slip at all and detangling was a mess. Good thing I believe in second chances, I  tried it  as a co-wash and it worked a little.

Just to mention - these products are not 100% natural.
Nope-  this product is not for me.  My hair is highly textured and thick-  Besides the slip - I look for conditioners that moisturise and soften my strands.  It seems they are still using the same ingrédients. There's not much of à difference between these products and their products for relaxed hair.

Have you tried this line? 
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