Gone bananas...Purity DIY bomb combo...

Hi ya'll!

I noticed the happiness of my hair ever since I started DIY-ing my own deep conditioners.
I love mixing up concoctions in my kitchen just for the love of my hair and I've become quite the mixtress....

 Thanks to Maxine Arnold- much love to this natural hair queen- find out all about her journey and regimen here. She introduced us to the banana Purity. I hate putting food on my hair but Purity was just the perfect solution! I named it 'my bomb combo' cos thats exactly what it is. It's filled with moisturizing goodness!

I did some research and here's what I found:
Bananas are rich in vitamins, potassium and calcium.
Great for hair growth
Helps with hair fall
Has healing properties
Gives shine and moisturises and the list goes on....

It's everything for dry, course and brittle hair. My hair feels stronger and is shinier everytime- it's all kinds of awesomeness...
Now I'm always switching things up depending on the needs of my hair, so play around with this recipe according to what you like. I've used shea butter and another time I used molasses.

 I always keep my recipes simple cos I want to feel the full effects of every ingredient-

Okay I use a whole bottle of banana Purity.
Black Jamaican Castor oil but ordinary castor oil is just fine.
 Coconut oil
 Essential oil,
You know what? I just eyeball everything - yep...
Depending on my mood I sometimes add some conditioner to the mix. I warm everything in microwave for a minute then I add the essential oil last. Mix and apply to freshly washed hair. I make sure to rub it into my scalp and along the length of my hair. I leave the mask on for about an hour. Because I have low porosity hair using heat is essential when I deep condition.

I absolutely love the way my hair feels everytime I rinse the mask out. Stronger, silky and MOISTURISED!
I sometimes wanna skip the LOCing part but...

Play around with the measurements -  Add what you know your hair needs- if coconut doesn't agree with you then try another oil that your hair loves. Use whatever essential oil you have and always add it last after warming the mixture.
Check out this video where I show you how I mix my banana purity treatment. You will see the different products that I've used. Here I'm using AfroBotanics deep conditioner. 

Have fun and be creative it's your journey after all...

Share your DIY deep conditioner and let me know how it goes- if you try this 'bomb combo'

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