Sunday, 13 August 2017

Do yourself a favour clean your make up brushes

Hello again!

I recently  shared a video on my Facebook page about a lady that got some  serious face infections that could of lead to brain damage. Why? She never cleaned her make up brushes. Check out the video here. It's a must see especially if you anything like me, a little on the lazy side...

 Not long ago I  had a mild break out of rash on my face and fortunately it didn't take me long to find out the root cause of it. You guessed right!

Not washing your make up brushes regularly  can lead to skin break- outs. Bacteria and other bad stuff accumalate on brushes which leads to pimples and serious infections.

Here's how I clean my brushes:
Pour some warm water in a bowl.
Add shampoo or an anti - bacterial hand wash and work up a lather.

Dip the brushes in and swirl them around in the bowl or on your palms.
Add more shampoo if needed.
Try to keep your bristles in a downward position.
I usually leave them to soak for a few minutes.

I rinse in warm water then cold afterwards
then add conditioner in a bowl with a little water.
Put all of them in and give them a good rub down.
I rinse thoroughly and squeeze out the excess water gently.

Lastly I  lay them out to dry on a towel. I've made it a ritual to wash my brushes on days that I wash my hair.      

So- just do yourself a favour and wash your make up brushes!

Your brushes will be smelling great and you'll have nice soft bristles too.
And that's all!

What's your way of cleaning your make up brushes?

Until next time - Keep the Magic

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