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Hello again!

Let's face it- looking young forever is what we all want. When you reach a certain age you start noticing the fine lines-
In my twenties taking good care of my skin was far from my mind I think it's because I  didn't wear much make then.

So I've been trying to find ways to make my skin look better and youthful without going to extreme measures. Here's one of them-

I exfoliate regularly because I learned that dead skin can make you look old and tired.
My current obsession is the Palmers brand.
This exfoliater gently cleanses, and  removes the dead skin, leaving skin super moisturised and fresh.

Product info and Details 
Exfoliates, Refines, Polishes with Micro-fine Cocoa Beads Fresh White Lilly Fragrance Micro-fine crushed Cocoa Beans gently exfoliate, removing dead skin cells to reveal smoother skin beneath. This enhances the skin s surface allowing it to better absorb the daily moisturizer or night cream. Beneficial Ingredients: Cocoa and Shea Butters : deeply moisturizes and nourishes Micro-fine Cocoa Beans : buff away dead skin cells to brighten skin  Vitamin E : powerful antioxidant  Aloe Vera : soothes and calms skin Milk Proteins : helps improve skin s texture and tone Evening Primrose : soothes stressed skin Palmer s is against animal testing.

(Taken from their website)*

Instantly opening the lid you get that yummy cocoa smell- just snap out of it & don't eat it lol..I'm happy that it's free from parabens and the crushed shells of the  cocoa beans are used as the exfoliant.( This excites me)

How I use it: 
I wet my face then apply the scrub gently in  circular strokes. I massage for about 5 minutes and leave on for another 5 minutes. I rinse with cold water to shrink the pores.

My Experience:
This product does the job ya'll. My face feels clean and rejuvenated afterwards. I use it often like four times a week maybe even more cos it's so gentle. I have sensitive skin with some dry patches  in some areas but after using this product dry patches are no more.    
Honostly I do feel that my skin is glowing. I always follow it up with a moisturiser, I'm currently using the  Palmers Even Tone Fade Cream. It manages to hydrate my skin and keep it moisturised without irritating it.

I would buy these  products again because I'm in love! Oh- and it can be used as foot scrub and body scrub too!
Side note* I buy all of my own products and reviews are based on my personal favourites*

Do you use a facial scrub and which brand is your favourite?
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