Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Update on the hair challenge

Hi there Messycurlies!

It's two weeks since I started my hair challenge. I've never done one before.
I started this challenge mainly to focus on taking better care of my hair and  retain length.
First week I decided on twists.

For some of  us it's difficult to retain length and I started to get tired of styling everyday.
I've had twists for my low manipulation style- obviously­čśü.

Heres a recap of the guidelines:

Wear protective or low manipulation styles at least 4 times a week, more if you can. These can be  buns, twists, wigs and weaves. Note: If you are wearing wigs make sure you are plaiting or twisting your hair under the wig, the protective style should not mean that you are neglecting your hair.
 Trim hair, If needed, to prepare for the protective style challenge before starting to make sure your hair is in the best condition before starting.
Moisturise and seal hair on a regular basis, the leave in moisturiser should have an ingredient that is water and use a natural oil to seal. Try to do this at least once every 2 days.
Wash hair at least once every two weeks, this can be done anyway you like.  Make sure to deep condition after every wash.
 No heat at all, besides steaming or hooded drying hair, so no flat/curling irons.
 This challenge is not only for natural hair but also for relaxed ladies....
Protect your hair at night if you can with a silk pillowcase or satin bonnet.
 Try to drink a lot of water, aim for 8 glasses per day.
Finally record your progress by taking a photo before the challenge starts and when it ends to see how well you’ve done.  It would be great if people could post their protective styles, wash days etc... throughout the duration so we can keep each other motivated.

I washed my hair every week. The night before wash day I pre-poo.

Deep condition every time after washing.
This time I used AfroBotanics deep conditioner.    
I like it because it's a light protein treatment  and it moisturises quite nicely. My hair doesn't do well with protein so this was spot on. It's good  for some light strength maintenance.

Moisturise and seal daily. I've been misting my twists with tea that I keep in the refrigerator then using a leave-in afterwards by Brownchild.

On Saturday I gave my twists a light trim or more like dusting. I trimmed 2 months ago.

             2nd week I did twists again.
I sleep with a shower cap on every night. I do this when I have twists, it keeps them soft and moisturised.

I started massaging my scalp on wash days too.
I enjoy wash n go's but for now I'll be sticking to twists for this month.

Im not expecting to see a whole lot of growth in one month but...January...

Join me on my page for everyday updates and tips. Use the hash tag #mmmchallenge, #2monthhairchallenge for all who are interested in taking part.

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