Monday, 13 November 2017

Battling insecurities...

Hey there!

As far as I can remember I've always loved playing around with words. In high school I fell in love with poetry. I vividly remember writing love letters for my class boys to their secret admirers or girlfriends. I secretly enjoyed it...😆

 Anyway- for years I battled the feeling of thinking I'm not enough.  A common theme through out my life, I don't measure up.
When the ugly lies start to invade my thinking I remind myself that I'm loved by God who numbered the hairs on my head!

This inspired me to write this piece called:

My smile
 Hides the emptiness that
Lies deeply inside
Disguises the disappointments
Masks the pain
The words
Worthless penned on my heart

My joys, fears
all my hopes
And dreams
Are but a distant memory

 Titles describe content-
So my smile
Covers the broken pieces
Of my life,

Struck down-
Ready to fight

My faith
Is my shelter
My hiding place.
Beyond the deepest darkest corners
Of my mind
I shall rise

Cos He sits at the well
Waiting for me to show up

Author - Marlene Louw 

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