Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Palmer's conditioning shampoo and conditioner..

If you haven't tried out Palmer's products then you really missing out. 
I used this range a while back and guess what? I'm
only left with the shampoo😅 I'm actually holding on to the little that's left cos it's gentle on my hair - plus I use it to clean my make up brushes.

The shampoo is really good for deep cleaning without that stripped feeling. 

Key ingredients: 
Coconut oil 
Vitamin E - These ingredients are great for repairing and strengthening the hair. The whole Palmer's range are sulphate and paraben free. 

The consistency is creamy and it lathers very well. A little bit can make a bubble bath lol...Sstru...
The container is a whopping 400ml-  so now ya'll  understand why I still have a little left. Ooh and I love the coconut smell!
 Ideal for dry,damaged hair and gentle enough to be used on colour treated and relaxed hair.


Contains Vitamin E and coconut oil. It's thick and I mainly used it to co-wash.
  My hair is naturally dry and thirsty so it  got finished way too soon but if you have thick, coarse hair in need of some moisture then you’ll love this conditioner. 
It left my hair nice and soft plus manageable😀 It's good for detangling as well. 

Palmer's can be purchased at all Clicks stores.

*Side note* I buy all of my products. I have type 4 hair and results may vary. 

Have you tried the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula range?
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