Monday, 15 January 2018

2 Afro puffs Ft AfroBotanics Moisturiser

I love these bolletjies! They super cute and funky- don't you think­čść

I do this style on old hair, especially if I wanna prolong wash day.
All I do is section my hair and spritz with water then apply a moisturiser.

 My AfroBotanics Moisturiser  is one of my favourites. The thing about supporting Black owned hair line products is that they were specifically made for us...

This conditioning  moisturiser is lightweight and not greasy at all. I always spritz my hair with water first before applying any moisturiser or oil.
Coconut oil and aloe vera are some of the ingredients listed  in this product. It   moisturisers  and softens my hair making it manageable. They have a range for the kiddos as well.

Check out the video on how I  do 2 puffs using the AfroBotanics Moisturiser.


What's your take on the afro puffs? Would you rock it? 

Stay Magical 

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