Monday, 1 January 2018

Thank you 2017...

Hieey to everyone!

So 2017 has been a struggle but at the same time it's been rewarding too. I'll admit I had quite a year...
For starters I hit a dark place when depression took over my mind and a very close friendship ended with someone I  really cared for ... all this and much more added to the strain of my marriage.

Everyone's journey is different and learning from our struggles is what makes us stronger. Seeing how far I've come amazes me.
 So here's some lessons I've learnt this year.

- Make time for family. I want to be with people who want to be with me and that's my family. (Sounds harsh I know) Sometimes we get caught up by other people's situations, trying to ease their burdens, solve their problems- when they bombard us with theirs. We can forget that  our families need us that same way too.

-It's okay to say no. I use to be such a people pleaser but often felt worn out but learning the skill of picking my priorities helped me spend more time with the people who I cherish in my life. Trust me it's not easy but it's so worth it especially if you in ministry.

-Love yourself regardless. I got my aha moment when  my favourite pair of jeans couldn't even go up my thighs... I felt less than myself but soon realised it doesn't matter. This is me whether I'm thin, thick or curvy. Size doesn't add or take away my worth.

-Not everyone will like you. Try not to worry about it because their thoughts and opinions of you don't matter. Do you let it flow. Repeat. Keep moving forward while they stay stagnant!

-Humility is everything. We not the centre of it all. Great things happen to everyone.

-Perfect lives don't exist.  Life is messy. We all have quirks and flaws.  No matter how well put together we  look on Insta or Facebook, everyone is going through stuff.  I'm comforted in knowing that I'm not perfect But I'm  perfected by GOD..

-Lay it all at Jesus's  feet. I forget sometimes that whatever I'm facing I'm not alone. When I tend to worry, when fear strikes or I find myself doubting again He knows. His in it with me in my trials - working... though He don't turn up the way I want Him to I know His there cos I've seen His hand upon me especially in my weary days.

Share your lessons  in the comments section and let's learn from one another.

Until next time
Stay Magical


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