Sunday, 2 April 2017

Tresemme Naturals review

Hello again!

Any curly girl understands that conditioner is the one product that we run through like crazy. I buy all types of conditioners and I always make sure that I never ever run out...ever. So I've been using Tresemme conditioners since I started my hair journey and it treated my hair very well. I decided to try out the silicone free one with sweet orange extract.

   It has no dyes, is hypoallergenic, silicone free and safe for color treated hair.

What it does:)
After just one use your hair will be 10x stronger.
Protects all hair types from breakage and damage.
I use it to co- wash, to pre- poo and as a rinse out mostly.

The texture is not too thick.
Silicone free
I like the light creamy texture
Comes in a big bottle
Use it for multiple purposes
Rinses out easily
Safe for color treated hair

I always add a bit of oils in it when I detangle because it doesn't have crazy slip.
The smell - it could of been more fruity...

My take:)
It moisturizers my hair lightly- but with my thick, thirsty hair,  lightly just doesn't do it.
 I mostly use it as a rinse out because it's not moisturising enough as a leave in for my hair.
I have used various types of inexpensive conditioners that performs way better than this one. The results are not overwhelming for me...sorry Tresemme Naturals. My hair is not fussy- my other conditioners are all not silicone free... Im a no fuss kinda curly.
But it's a good conditioner and I recommend this product to curly and kinky- haired girls who are looking for a cone- free conditioner that can do some decent co-washing.

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