Monday, 7 May 2018

Avon's rotational anti-wrinkle night cream

Hieey everyone!

Confession- I think I'm a bit of a skin care product junkie...

 So when Beauty Bulletin sent me the new Avon Reversalist  Infinite Effects Night Cream I did the happy dance( in my head of course)😆

It's the world's first rotational anti-wrinkle night cream,  for dramatic results on wrinkles that gets better over time. It features some magical stuff like super-retinol and phyto+ complexes.
 Since I started taking better care of my skin  I've learnt  to look out for key ingredients when purchasing products. Retinol is one of them, it fades  dark spots and helps with skin elasticity so your skin is left brighter and smoother.

There's two phases.
Phase 1 - Use for 7 nights rotate. The Phyto+Complex  replenishes and prepares the skin.
Phase 2 - Use for 7 nights then rotate. The Super -Retinol Complex activates skin receptors to boost collagen and help to repair wrinkles.

It has a subtle refreshing smell. A luxurious feel it absorbs quickly into my skin.
Easy to use - comes in a pump which I like. I don't like the packaging at all-sorry Avon but you need to definitely change it.

The first week my skin was noticeably smoother. The dark spots were becoming lighter.  A few times I felt a tingle but nothing drastic.

It works well with my skincare routine. Be careful not to get some too close to the eyes, trust  me it can burn your eyeballs out!😅

Oh and the  little monsters on my forehead  are starting  to disappear!
You can get your hands on this night cream from any Avon representative for R279

Until next time Magicals

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