Friday, 10 November 2017

Does being different make you weird?

Hey everyone!

Do your friends  think you weird because you don't go out to bars and get drunk or
you don't curse or use vulgarity.

People who are different or stand out don't really care much about what other people think or say about them.
Living your life like everyone else is boring kind of  -like spaghetti noodles!

I remember when  I did the Big Chop and my hair started to grow. My hair looked worse than the hair of a coconut and I knew this, anyway  people  stared and they snickered. Honostly -you live in total freedom once you stop being bothered about what people think of you. Like who got time for that?
I felt uncomfortable at first but soon got over it. I was being me. I  was being true to myself. I actually believe that what makes you different becomes your superpower-

I'd rather live outside of the box than live in the box... I regularly encourage  my boys to be leaders rather than  followers (I think that should be my motto) I've learnt to set my own trends.
I have changed my life for the better and some people in the box just don't get it.

“Being weird is like being a limited edition, meaning you are something people don’t see all the often — remember that!”
~ Author unknown

So you're weird if you:
believe in God...
give freely
 debt free
 don't work cos you're a boss of your own...
 live  small
 laugh too loud
prefer the solitude of home
don't have a bestie,
sometimes eat out at restaurants alone...
 have zero interest in sport
 couldn't care less about following the news- or watching TV
plant your own veggies...

Life is so much exciting outside the box because being different is absolutely refreshing.

There's many people who are living life in the shadows- they hate their jobs or they stuck in toxic relationships, etc. They afraid to  voice their opinions,  to stand up for what they believe in-  and they afraid to be different so they just go with the flow.

But you have value. You have purpose. You are more than enough. God fashioned you by His heart.

Being different allows you to  stand out from the crowd.
My boy and I were takin up by this egg we were in awe- a lesson learned from this beauty...

The people who dared to be different broke world records, they made history and  we still talking about them even today.

So break out, be free and be humanly you. Being different is being weird and being weird is the new normal. Ha!

So what's your weird?
Keep the Magic Xoxo

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