Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Two month hair challenge - whose in?

Hey you!

I know it's been a minute since I did a post- but you know how life can get messy on us sometimes.

The other day I was refreshing my wng and noticed the thickness of my hair. Thickness was one of hair goals I set for myself a year ago.

 My hair grows well when I'm on a consistent routine, anyways  an idea of doing a hair  challenge sparked!

I seriously believe that simple is better. Give your hair what it needs and you're  good.
The hair challenge runs for two months and starts today- who's in?

Check out the guidelines for the challenge I 
posted here

Let me get the ball rolling.
Length - neck
Desired length - bra strap- I know it won't happen in 2 months...
I have thick hair.
 Low porosity
I will also be doing scalp massages and including  ayurvedic treatments.

Everyone can join in the more the merrier so we can motivate and encourage each other...
Whose in?

Here's  to a happy healthy hair  journey.

Stay Magical-

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