Tuesday, 23 January 2018

You need to give Sheet Masks a try!

 You guys already know by my previous posts,  how I've been taken by the whole "masking" trend.

 I'm turning 40 next month, can you believe it!  
The older I'm getting I'm realising how important it is to take better care of my skin

So last week I went to Dischem to check out what they have on sale, as usual and came across some facial masks. I was so overwhelmed by the variety and by the prices too. 

After about 20 minutes I decided on the Collagen Anti-aging one by Skin Strategy. 

 Let's face it (pun intended)...lol😆 who doesn't want to look ten years younger!

This is a sheet mask for face and neck. It has two sections, the mask and a serum. It claims to boost collagen production.
Promote cell renewal.
Helps fight signs of aging.
Enriched with active anti-aging complex.

I've learnt some golden ingredients to look for in skin products, thanks to following some beauty gurus on the "Gram"

Take a look at Collagen for instance-

Collagen is what gives our skin elasticity. It's essential for maintaining a youthful and healthy skin but as time ticks by the less and less Collagen is produced- *sucks hey*

I use masks several times a week because I love how refreshed and brighter it leaves my skin. It kind of puts me in chill mode.

This was the first time using a sheet mask and although the fit was a bit big, I loved the feeling of my skin afterwards.

 A sheet mask is a piece of fabric shaped like your face with holes for your eyes, ears and mouth. It's soaked in serum and  you use it once.

Directions states to keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes but I kept it on longer. My skin felt  so much softer, hydrated and supple. 
The serum is light and dries quickly. 

As you can see I saved the best for last- how affordable is this masks...I just had to share this product with you because this right here is a bargain!

Have tried a sheet mask? What's your favourite brand? 
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Stay Magical

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