Wednesday, 31 January 2018

January mini haul...

Hey everyone!

I'm sharing some stuff I bought about two weeks ago with you today. I'm excited cos this is my first product haul blog post, yay!

Okay let's see, first up is the
Ponds facial Foam+Scrub.

My skin has been kind of crazy lately. I've noticed lots of oil build up. This foam wash is  perfect it  instantly lifts the dirt off of my face.
 It just takes one wash cos it has a very foamy lather. I love it.

Two is the Garnier Pure lemon Light.    
My skin acts well with Garnier products. I'm already using the night cream so I thought why not get this one as well. I like that it has UVB filters and   specifically targets dark spots. I've used it a few times already and so far so good.

Three is the La Belle Beauty Masks-

 I couldn't resist cos I got these at our local fleamarket for a bargain. I used one yesterday and I'm hooked. The fabric is thinner and the fit is just right. It felt calming and so soothing you have to try some sheet masks if you haven't. All three of them is for nourishing, moisturising and firming the skin. My skin was noticeably lighter. It's a win!

The fourth is Coconut oil.
I purchased this tub at Checkers. I use coconut oil for cooking, baking and for my hair... I poured some in one of my empty hair containers to use for my hair. 

 Let me be honest and say that I regret not getting the virgin coconut oil. I absolutely love the smell of coconut oil. My hair loves this stuff and I've noticed that my hair products that work really well for me all contain coconut oil😍

Aaand lastly is the AfroBotanics 5in1 leave-in spray for kiddies. 
It is a moisturiser, detangler, leave-in, braid spray and a softner- shew😆 I'm so happy I tried the kiddies range.  I did the happy dance in my head the first time I used this stuff.
I'm definitely gonna get more from the AfroBotanics  kiddies.

So that's all I have for you today.

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What's your mini haul? Have you tried out any new stuff lately?

Stay Magical

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