Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Cruelty free Woolworths BB cream and Primer

Hi there!

It's not a task to get your hands on affordable cruelty free beauty products.
I've been using the Woolworths BB cream and Primer brand for about two years now and they work well for me.
Firstly I'd like to point out that all my posts are not  sponsored. I seriously enjoy taking pics and writing about the products that I buy.

 Just so you know  I'm not a beauty diva or a make-up artist,  I'm not even close to that woman😆

Okay now let's get it on with- I'll start with the primer. A primer allows the foundation to behave and stay on longer.
Their primer has a silky feel. I like that I only use a little to cover my face. The BB cream blends in easier.
It's not sticky and is very light.

If you like a smooth  natural look then you should give this BB cream a try.
 BB cream is short for beauty or blemish  cream. 
When I found out they are tinted moisturisers I was eager to add it to my make-up bag.
Im not really a fan of  foundations ( although I do have a  good few) It's just that  BB creams are my go to. Aand I'm still a newbie to all this so BB creams are like playing it safe😆
I love that the Woolies brand  has SPF15,  something you'd appreciate when you reach a certain age... It evens out my skin tone perfectly and gives enough moisture to the skin. The coverage is light to medium and you can build on it.
 You really don't need to use powder over it- it comes in three shades only- light, medium and dark.
It's vegan friendly and suitable for all skin types😁

So do you prefer foundation or BB cream?

Stay Magical

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