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How I Co-wash...

I co-wash my hair  in between washes. It all depends on the how my hair feels (our hair talks  so pay attention)
Check out this post on co-washing.  

For me, I use conditioner when I want to refresh and add some softness  to my hair.  I co-wash to  gently remove the oils and build up from the styling products. I  co-wash my hair if I want  clean hair-  but not as squeaky clean as a shampoo would.

My hair is bleached and co-washing helps with not making the colour look stripped. 
Co-washing refreshes  my hair until my next wash day, and keeps my thick, thirsty hair moisturised. 

There are all sorts of conditioners in my stash- but I find myself  reaching for Tresemme conditioners. I've been using them since the start of my hair journey.

This one is the truth!

This one is for remoisure. I instantly  feel the difference after using it and I love that it has a bit of a  foamy lather.
The label states that it  cleanses and replenishes and it does just that, also all Tressemme conditione

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